Email: Tiers of a Clown© (13.10.2020)

Tiers of a Clown

Can I meet up with friends and family? Latest social rules for all three tiers explained

Dear Gillian

‘…when there’s no one around…’ Yes, our esteemed Fuhrer has decreed that England will be carved up into three tiers like some kind of demented cake! The Fuhrer has rejected all the scientific advice, and opted for a ‘bake-off’ type of scenario designed to deceive Covid19 and hopefully ‘lead it astray’. The Church did offer to expel the illness into a ‘herd of swine’ – but after a week of grief from Animal Rights – thought better of it. (There was also a problem with arranging the pigs to ‘fall over a cliff’ under current lockdown measures and the issue of pure logistics – not to mention no agreement as to who was going to clean up this mess – now Brexit has kicked in). So much for Church and State combining to save us sll! These token gestures will not prevent Covid19 from spreading. Johnson wants to keep all the class privileges for the bourgeoisie – whilst punishing the proletariat – but it is the decadent behaviour of the bourgeoisie that is spreading the bloody thing! The Communist countries had it right – 60 days of total lockdown whilst the State delivers food and medical care to your door and abolishes all bills for the duration!

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