The Frankfurt School as Quasi-Trotskyism

Simulacra – a Copy without an Original

‘We live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning…’ 

Jean Baudrillard: Simulacra and Simulation, University of Michigan Press, (1994), Page 79  

Bourgeois intellectuals of the left want to transcend Marx and leave him behind (somewhere in history) even before his work has been fully analysed and understood. In this regard, Jean Baudrillard should not be confused with JG Ballard or Philip K Dick as the spirit of post-modernism seeps-through into the present moment. A simulacra is a copy without an original – which might explain why Baudrillard mentions ‘God’ with a disturbing regulairty throughout his work. Whereas Classical Trotskyism is designed to attack the Marxist-Leninism of the Soviet Union through infiltration, penetration and destruction from the inside (like a virus or a bacteria), the supposed-Marxism of the Frankfurt School develops in parallel to the Soviet System, appearing to ‘ignore’ the machinations of Marxist-Leninism whilst continuously undermining the validity of its presence and accomplishments. This quasi-Trotskyism never mentions or acknowledges the relevance (or influencing presence) of Trotsky, and neither does it give voice to its true mission, as the Frankfurt School presents its ideology as ‘non-ideology’ through its difficult to understand (and thoroughly ‘mystified’) bourgeois intellectualism. Quasi-Trotskyism is different from Classical Trotskyism in that it neither draws attention to a) its own existence, or b) the purpose of that existence. The sheer weight ascribed to its apparent ‘superior’ intellectualism is designed to envelop all true and genuinely ‘working-class’ (proletariat) ’intellectualism’ as developed through reading, considering and understanding the profound works of Marx and Engels, and the recorded experience of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Ho Chi Minh, Sankara, Mugabi and many others – and to subsume it all away as some kind of historical or perceptual ‘error’ that must be ‘eradicated’ and ‘removed’ from both the historical record and human perception.  Where the living Trotsky (and the ‘dead’ Trotsky for that matter) tried to use ‘force’ to destroy a Soviet System that had mastered ‘historical’ force through necessity, the Frankfurt School takes the opposite tact, as its enemy always remains undeclared and yet obvious. The middle-class intellectualism of the Frankfurt School is really a secular type of theology with the occasional clever comment or piercing observation, and yet elements of its construction remain incredibly stupid and non-dialectical.  Baudrillard, for instance, for decades associated Marxism with Freudianism despite Voloshinov’s devastating (Soviet) deconstruction of Freudianism (as a bourgeois sham) in the 1920s! This post-modern silliness has even been discredited by the mainstream bourgeois academic community, when it became obvious that Freud’s grasp of evolutionary theory was out of date and therefore incorrect. Marxist-Leninists must study the Frankfurt School directly and learn from its periodical ‘cleverness’ without ever being seduced into its anti-Leninist narrative. Where the Frankfurt School is ‘clever’ is exactly where it applies the thinking of Marx correctly, but as it denies the working-class validity of the Soviet System – this is exactly where it deviates into the realms of religiosity and the deification of Trotsky – a divinely ‘disruptive’ and ‘destructive’ image that mystically controls material reality whilst ‘hidden’ behind the scenes.  

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