Why ‘Black Lives Matter’ are Not ’Being Heard’ in the UK!

All Marxist-Leninists Support Black Lives Matter!

Black Lives Matter in the UK: ‘We’re still not being heard’

All racism arises from the conditions (i.e. ‘division of labour’) prevalent within the predatory capitalist system. The Black community as a whole has thrown in its lot with the very economic system that brutally enslaved its ancestors and continues to rape, pillage and murder people of colour today. Many so-called Black activists and commentators on Black Affairs demand an end to racism not through the overthrow of predatory capitalism (and the Black community recognising the validity of the Marxist-Leninist concept of ‘Internationalism’ and ‘uniting’ with the working class of ALL ethnic backgrounds and identities) but rather through its ‘reform’ – a fallacious policy of Trotskyite cooperation with the forces of predatory capitalism. The Marxist ideology explains clearly that as long as capitalism a) exists, and b) remains the economic system of choice for the White bourgeoisie (which controls the means of production) – no matter how it is ‘dressed-up’ – the conditions that produce racism will continue to be produced throughout society and manifest around and through the current bourgeois laws that limit (but do not ‘outlaw’) certain types of racism. The greatest defence of the White bourgeoisie against the forces of anti-racism is the complete and utter denial that racism ‘exists’ even in the face of it being felt and performing its tasks of disempowering, demeaning and destroying all senses of self-worth. Reforming capitalism does not work and will not work!  

Just as ‘Black Lives Matter’ is not being heard, the White bourgeoisie and its ignorant White working-class supporters simply ‘do not care’ about what Black people have to say, when their rhetoric calls for nothing more than ‘reform’ of the capitalist forces that routinely oppress them. Another (and persistent) issue is for certain Black commentators to side with the forces of White bourgeoise anti-China racism, and express this racism toward Chinese men, women and children (the victims of historical White racism), as if it is in the best ‘class interests’ of Black people! Although it is true that certain people who claim to represent BLM are later discovered not to be ‘official’ members, anti-Chinese prejudice is common enough throughout sections of the Black community(s) to be easily recognisable to the White bourgeoisie. Just as ALL Black people want an end to White bourgeoise racism – so do ALL Chinese people. There is only one type of empowered racism in the world and that is the ideology of the White bourgeoisie – and there is no other. Not all working class White people are ‘racist’ – but it is certainly the case that ALL working-class White people are victims of bourgeois oppression.  

White society at large is apathetic about racism and pretends a) it does not exist, and b) it has never existed. To be ‘educated’ about racism is to be ‘attacked’ by ungrateful foreigners – even if they were born in the UK! This post will certainly not go viral because it is a) Marxist, b) it does not play ball with the pretence that the Black community is still ‘Revolutionary’, and c) refuses to accept White ‘denial’ as a legitimate attitude toward the issue of overcoming racism. Another issue is that I have dared to raise the issue of Black prejudices deployed against Chinese people in the name of the White bourgeoise class. Any Black person who thinks capitalism can be reformed, or that by attacking Chinese people Black lives will somehow improve – are living in cloud cuckoo land! Generally speaking, Chinese people will not openly support BLM until its representatives make a stand against Black exponents of White racist attitudes aimed at the Chinese community.  

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