My Official CPC UK Support Blog!


After some debate with my academic and political Comrades in China, it was decided that I establish a blog that represents the truth about life in everyday China which exposes and dismisses the racist lies and disinformation emerging from the US. This rhetoric has become ever more bizarre and unstable since the US election of the fascist leader Donald Trump. This fascist message of enhanced US anti-intellectualism has invariably extended to the functioning of the US colonies in South Korea and Taiwan (and can be seen reflected in the Chinese-language Wikipedia which is ‘banned’ in China due to its racism, and which is produced in the US and Taiwan). Anti-China racism is a powerful historical force that some misguided ethnic Chinese people unwittingly support due to their brainwashed upbringing. Given time, and excess to good quality Socialist education, this damage can be reversed and repaired. Many diasporic Chinese people who have to live in the racist West, do so knowing exactly what is happening and balance the opposing forces that operate in their societies. The battle against bourgeois idiocy is an on-going project!  

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