Scamming for Yulin! The Great Animal Rights Fraud in the West!

Thousands of people are being ‘scammed’ in the West, and ironically ‘fleeced’ of their hard-earned money by internet frauds who pose as Animal Rights Activists that package themselves as ‘nobly’ targeting Cinna and the so-called Yulin Dog Festival.  A typical set-up involves a fabricated ‘live’ broadcast from Yulin which purports to show row upon row of sad-looking dogs waiting for slaughter and cooking. Once the audience is ‘hooked’ through the self-righteous ‘shock’ factor, the next phase of this scam asks the viewers to donate around £10 (or more if they can afford it), so that these ‘on the spot’ activists can just walk up to the cages, negotiate in the Chinese language, purchase the dogs and either set them free (where no one will look after them), or take them out of the country (which no country ever allows)! As ludicrous as this sounds, thousands of people part with their money when they allow a misplaced sentiment to get in the way of logic and reason. None of these so-called activists are in ‘Yulin’, or even Mainland China. China will not issue visas to individuals who are travelling to China to cause trouble, as China already possesses a robust and indigenous Animal Rights sector, which sees ethnic Chinese people of all ages routinely campaigning and directly helping animals of all types. As China is now a very rich country, dog-eating is very rare, and certainly happens far less than in Switzerland (where dog meat is considered a delicacy by rich Europeans), or in North America where Native American Indians routinely (and brutally) slaughters dogs to eat – often in-front of fee-paying tourists. As part of this affluence, the Chinese government has passed laws forbidding the eating of cats and dogs, and regulating the meat industry to prevent cruelty far beyond any legislation passed by Western governments. 

If dog-eating is very rare within China, what is happening? Racism against China, her people, her culture and her political system drives the prejudices that fuel these Animal Rights scams. Those that fall for these scams do so because the view of a ‘cruel’ and ‘evil’ China fits-in to their Eurocentric prejudices. This is because the racism against Chinese people is so prolific in the West that it has ‘normalised’ and become acceptable. Whereas racism against Black and Asian people is now viewed as unacceptable, racism against people of Chinese ethnicity has become something of a national pastime in the West! Indeed, these Animal Rights scams are reliant upon this racism to work, because such a scam would work on a ‘mark’ who holds anti-China, racist views! If logic and reason prevailed, then those being asked for donations would ask far more probing questions than they do. As matters stand, the Chinese being ‘evil’ is enough for people to part with their money and the scammers know this. A man arrested in Burnley, when interviewed by the police stated that ‘it is easy money’. He was caught because he put three dogs from his neighbours into large cat carriers in his back-garden, next to his neighbour’s house who happened to be Chinese. A person watching on Facebook noticed that one of the dog-tags was written in English giving a local number – which she rang – and found out it was a semi-detached in Burnley!  

Many scammers are slightly more sophisticated than this, and head out to Thailand, South Korea or Indonesia to make their ‘live’ broadcasts from ‘Yulin’. As these countries are poor, dog-eating is still fairly common in these areas. These scammers know that although most Westerners cannot tell one type of Asian person from another, they can certainly tell a Western country from an Asian country, and an Asian person from a Westerner! One scammer arrested in Indonesia stated that on a good day he can make around £10,000 per hour for a 12-hour stint, then he gets off the air to make way for the next scammer! This is an Animal Rights scamming industry, within which all the scammers know each other and watch out for one another! If they were ever in China and tried to break the law with a broadcast without permission, they would face the full weight of Chinese law which is harsh! Not only this, but making money through false pretensions is the crime of fraud, whilst racism and fabricating problems were none exist are also crimes. These scammers would probably get ten years imprisonment with hard labour – and that is if the Court case goes well for them! I can assure you that these scammers are not in China or Yulin when they ask you for money, but don’t take my word for it, investigate yourself and a whole world of criminality will become visible! However, these people like to cover their tracks and often coordinate internet attacks on anyone who gets close to exposing their scams. As I am connected with members of the Chinese government, I can check whether any of these people have been a) granted visas, and b) whether they have visited China. Out of the five scammers I have exposed, and who said they made ‘live’ broadcasts from ‘Yulin’, none had ever left the UK! 

A related practice to this scamming is that of the far-right propagating of its racist ideology through the signing of online petitions that go ‘nowhere’ and achieve ‘nothing’. How could freely giving away your name, address and email achieve anything in another country? No one outside of China (or within in for that matter), possesses the power to stop a cultural activity, just as no one in China can stop the 24-hour slaughter factories that exist up and down the UK! China is a massive country and Yulin in Guangxi is a very small place. The numbers of people who eat dog-meat is tiny compared to the population of China. Again, this shows the pointlessness of these protests, and how the scammers rely on the fact that nothing is ever achieved and that they can return each year perpetuating the same racially motivated scam! The far-right doesn’t care as it exists to propagate the Hitlerite ideology that states all non-White people are racially inferior! In the meantime, racist newspapers such as the Daily Mail reduce an entire culture o single place and a minority activity. Signing these fake petitions encourages anti-China racism and lays the ideological foundations for these scammers to perpetuate their trade and give their ‘marks’ a feeling of a false sense of achievement!  

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