My Theory About the Khmer Rouge

The Khmer Rouge was a ‘People’s Movement’ Demonised by US Anti-Intellectualism and Cold War Hysteria!

I have always admired Ho Chi Minh, General Giap and the ‘Socialist’ Vietnamese Movement. I consider the Vietnamese military victories over the imperialist Japanese, French and North Americans to be amongst the greatest the world has ever seen! Having extensively researched history, I reject and refute ‘capitalist’ allegations that Communist Movements committed mass atrocities as a ‘norm’, whilst claiming to work for the benefit of humanity, etc. No Communist regime knowingly committed any deliberate mass killings, and accusations to the contrary are ahistorical, Cold War lies perpetuated by the US Government and normalised through the Western media and education systems. As a consequence, none of the great universities in the West have been immune from this type of deception, although admittedly it is early days for any ‘corrective’ narratives to be formulated. On the contrary, the only people dying in the world has been Communists at the hands of capitalists who have viewed their mission with religious zeal whilst protecting the greed-ridden and unjust system that privileges their class. As there have been NO historical recorded, and historically verifiable Communist atrocities in the world, what happened in Kampuchea in the late 1970s?  

The great Ho Chi Minh died in 1969 and the defeated US withdrew from Vietnam in 1975. The new leaders of Vietnam, inspired by US promises of reparations and good diplomatic relations, switched the allegiance of Vietnam from Communist China to the USSR and rejected the very Mao Zedong Thought that had freed them (with General Giap being placed under house arrest). This was the very same Mao Zedong Thought that had inspired the Vietnamese victories against Japanese fascism and Western imperialism. Since the rise of the Trotskyite Nikita Khrushchev in the USSR, an ideological ‘split’ occurred between Russia and China. Whereas Khrushchev had stated that Stalin was ‘wrong’ (mimicking groundless US allegations), Mao Zedong saw through this ruse and firmly rejected this ‘revisionist’ view. As a consequence, the USSR and China became ideological enemies seeking influence amongst the various Revolutionary Movements of the world. Whilst the US encouraged this ‘Sino-Soviet Split’, it diplomatically recognised Communist China in 1979 whilst simultaneously working with the ‘new’ Vietnamese regime to ‘destroy’ any and all Chinese influence in Kampuchea.  

The Chinese-backed Communist Party of Kampuchea came to power in Cambodia in 1975. The ‘elected’ General Secretary was named ‘Pol Pot’. Cambodia was a backward, feudal state that had suffered hundreds of thousands of casualties due to the periodic US bombing the country had suffered between 1969 and 1970. Many ordinary Cambodians supported the Vietnamese effort and were supported by the Communist Party of China. US blanket-bombing in the region, coupled with illicit military action took its toll upon the Cambodian population. The US offered financial and material incentives to the post-1975 Vietnamese Government if it abandoned Chinese Communism and aligned itself with a revisionist USSR. As Trotskyism exists to undermine genuine Marxist-Leninism, a revisionist Vietnam would be a ‘block’ to Marxist-Leninism as practiced by Communist China. Pol Pot, however, was a loyal disciple of Mao Zedong and had no intention of changing the ideology of his movement. This is where the US and USSR combined forces to undermine the Chinese Communism of the Khmer Rouge regime. 

The Khmer Rouge came to power in 1975 due to popular support for its Socialist programme, and the general population’s dislike for feudalism and US aggression in the region. For the US (and USSR) this marked the successful expansion of Chinese Communism outside of the boundaries of geographical China (the Malaya insurgency had been defeated by the imperialist British, North Korea developed the non-Maoist ‘Juche’ ideology, and Vietnam rejected Mao Zedong Thought post 1975). Kampuchea threatened to become a shining example of Mao Zedong Thought in Asia that had successfully defeated Western imperialism. The Intelligence Services of the US, USSR and Vietnam planned a Vietnamese military invasion of Kampuchea, which was justified by the fiction that ethnic Vietnamese Cambodians were being targeted by Communist hit-squads due to their race. Although this plays well in the realms of US anti-intellectualism, it makes no sense within the realms of ‘Internationalist’ Marxist-Leninist ideology, as Communism firmly rejects any and all racist ideology. The US, for quite some time, had deliberately presented the Communism (and behaviour) of the USSR as being exactly the same as that of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime – despite the fact that Hitler murdered between 27- 40 million Russian men, women and children during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945).  

The Vietnamese military would invade and occupy Kampuchea under the false pretext that ethnic Vietnamese Cambodians were being persecuted (presumably ‘between’ the highly destructive blanket-bombing campaigns of the US). The real point of this ‘invasion’ was to ‘destroy’ the Chinese-backed Khmer Rouge regime, and build the mythology (and infrastructure) that created the ‘lie’ of a system-wide genocide in Kampuchea perpetuated by the Khmer Rouge. The Vietnamese occupied Kampuchea with an iron-hand from 1979-1989 with the full support of the US and USSR. During this time the US-friendly Vietnamese forces wiped-out ALL Chinese influence in the country. The exact number of Cambodians killed by the Vietnamese is unknown, but the death toll was sufficient to destroy a grass-roots, pro-China Socialist movement and replace it with a Hitlerite mythology that demonised Pol Pot. During this decade of occupation, the Vietnamese built ‘museums’ and filled their interiors with the bones of the hundreds of thousands killed by the US and the Vietnamese and concocted false narratives of mass torture and genocidal murder. In just four years, we are led to believe, the popular Khmer Rouge Government did not make any Socialist reforms, but set about systematically ‘killing’ the very population that had brought it to power! This makes no logical sense whatsoever.  

Simultaneously, the US set about generating the mythology of the ‘Killing Fields’, creating a book of a false biography followed by an epic Hollywood film to burn this latest Cold War lie into the minds of easily-led and gullible Westerners. The reality is that the UN (and the US) knew exactly where Pol Pot was after 1979, and yet despite the horrific allegations made against him, made no attempt to arrest and try him. It is believed that the US wanted to avoid an official trial as the real facts might be revealed about the extent of the US lying in the area. I personally think it is disgusting that the bones of the hundreds of thousands murdered by the US in Cambodia are stacked up as ‘tourist attractions’ today, and used to demonise the very Communist cause many of them died fighting for!  

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