Uyghur Boarding-Schools

China’s education system is comprehensive, free at the point of use, and encompasses pre-school all the way up to PhDs and beyond. In Communist China a free education from the cradle to the grave is considered a fundamental Human Right. Disabled people receive special education tailored to enhance their abilities and overcome their limitations. Foreign students can access this system through paying (as is common in the capitalist system), although a number of foreign students receive ‘free’ education if they are from poor families or under-developed countries. Many thousands of foreign students study ‘free’ in China – including American Citizens from impoverished backgrounds. Of course, the US media refuses to cover this important function that the Chinese education system serves. At the international level, over six decades of Socialist education in China has propelled the development of that country’s science and technology far beyond anything the capitalist world has to offer –With China’s Space Programme preparing to send (probably female) Cosmonauts to the Moon and to Mars. The highly unjust capitalist system of the West has absolutely no answer to these developments, other than to attempt to destroy the Socialist System (through false propaganda) that has produced these advanced developmental conditions. 

Currently, the US is pursuing a ruthless anti-Muslim (terrorist) campaign in the world, whilst simultaneously supporting an element of this Islamo-terrorism operating in China. Why? The US created Islamo-terrorism in the 1970s (in Afghanistan), as a rightwing resistance to the Socialism of the USSR. In the 1990s, this US-produced Islamo-terrorism turned against its masters and unleashed terror attacks against Western targets worldwide, culminating in the 911 terror attacks in New York in 2001. Whereas just under 3000 Americans were killed in the 911 attacks, a recent academic report reveals that the US military has killed around 20 million people around the world since 1945. Considering the amount of death and destruction the US military continues to perpetuate around the world, civilian US casualties in America itself could be said to be very ‘light’ as a means of retaliation. The US military killed 3 million Vietnamese people during the Vietnam War and suffered no retaliatory civilian casualties in the US homeland. During the Korean War the US military killed between 1 and 5 million Korean and Chinese people – with no civilian casualties on the US homeland, and so on and so forth. 

‘Lying’ is the major weapon employed by the US in its ‘Cold War’ battle against China’s outstanding Socialist development. America keeps insisting that all the weaknesses inherent in its own corrupt capitalist system are also present in the Chinese Socialism System. Racist America continuously accuses ‘non-racist’ China of being ‘racist’. Whilst killing hundreds of thousands of Muslims around the world, the US ‘accuses’ China of carry-out a similar pogrom against its own Uyghur population. This is untrue and revealed to be false simply by looking at China – but the US ideologues know that many Westerners have no ability to understand the Chinese language, and possess no ability to ‘independently’ research the subject. Ignorant Westerners hear a 5-minute news bulletin which demonises North Korea and China – and uncritically accepts its erroneous content this as being ‘true’. Uyghur children are offered ‘free’ education from around 2-years old upwards. This culminates in sending them to schools that can be local, regional or national – depending upon the choice of the parents concerned. Many Uyghur parents take advantage of this choice and send their children to boarding schools in other parts of China where their choices are greater.   

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