Communist LGTBQBN+ – Protecting the Rights of Workers!

Forward Together!

From a dialectical position, homosexuality is neither encouraged or suppressed. Marxist-Leninists deal with facts as they exist, and as gay people ‘exist’ this must be the start of any analysis. Whereas the fascists attack, hurt and murder members of the LGBTQNB+ community, Marxist-Leninists grant and protect the rights of every worker (gay, straight, lesbian and transgender, etc). Declaring gayness to be ‘unnatural’ and a ‘delusion’ is a fascistic attack on the LGBTQNB+ community as is not worthy of Marxist-Leninists. Simply declaring a dislike for gayness does not change the material reality that millions of gay people exist in the world and are part of every human grouping. Furthermore, lawful and legal gayness cannot and must not be conflated with the sexual dysfunctionality of criminal conduct. Adult gay people who obey the law are not habitual child-molesters, just as not every ‘straight’ person is a law-abiding citizen. Child-abuse is a crime and not a life choice and should be viewed in this manner. Since the collapse of the USSR in 1991, the rights of women have been destroyed throughout Russia and the former Communist Bloc. Whereas pornography was virtually unknown in the USSR, with the sudden withdrawal of the Socialist State, desperate women (and teenagers) were offered small amounts of money to prostitute themselves and to feature in sexually explicit films. Although homophobia is rife throughout capitalist Russia (with its origins being in the Russian Orthodox Church), anal sex is a major earner and vast category of male – female pornography. The hypocrisy is palpable. Finally, it is said that many of the early Bolsheviks were openly gay and this is one of the reasons that Lenin did not adopt any anti-gay laws after he abolished the homophobic Czarist laws in 1918. I have argued elsewhere that Joseph Stalin was NOT homophobic, but that the West attempted to use bourgeois gay movements to infiltrate the USSR – similar to how the West attempts to use ‘religion’ to penetrate Mainland China and destroy the Socialist System. Gay people who support capitalism are class enemies and it is not ‘homophobic’ to confront such imperialistic and fascistic movements – regardless of the sexual orientation of its members. Think for yourselves but respect the rights of the workers!  

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