How the Falun Gong Cult Encourages Self-Immolation! (2018)

Falun Gong Cult Victim  Wang Jindong (王进东) – 2001


(Translation & Research by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The Falun Gong Cult (like the Pro-Tibetan Movement) has its ideological roots in the West – notably the USA. Both are premised upon racist parodies of Chinese culture. This is why the two figure-head leaders – Li Hongzhi and the 14th Dalai Lama – advocate and encourage a system of brain-washing which encourages the young, vulnerable and easily led to set fire to themselves. This is nothing but ‘theatre’ for the bourgeois West which trades in the suffering of non-Europeans whilst a completely ‘false’ political and cultural narrative is played-out in the Western media. An apex of this destructive policy can be seen on the streets of Hong Kong in recent times.  Those who set fire to themselves are the victims of systematic ‘grooming’ which involves physical, emotional and psychological abuse. These people set fire to themselves to ‘escape’ further abuse from their Falun Gong Cult kidnappers. Perversely, the Western media invariably ’inverts’ the situation and completely ignores what the victims of this abuse have to say – falsely (and illogically) blaming the Government of China!  

On January 23rd, 2001, seven Falun Gong Cult victims – named Wang Jindong (王进东), Hao Huijun (郝惠君), Chen Guo (陈果), Liu Chunling (刘春玲), Liu Siying (刘思影), Liu Yunfang (刘云芳) and Liu Yurong (刘葆荣) collectively self-immolated in Tiananmen Square. This resulted In two deaths and three with serious burns. The world was quite rightly shocked, but seventeen years later, this website interviewed Wang Jindong’s daughter – Wang Juan (王娟) – and asked her to talk about her father’s involvement with the Falun Gong Cult and the events that led to his eventual self-immolation.  

At that time, Wang Juan practiced with the Falun Gong Cult alongside her parents but did not expect at the beginning, that her family would become the victims of a ruthless cult from the West. Today, she has regained her independence of thought and her happy life, after successfully escaping from the Falun Gong Cult.  As a nursery teacher, she passes the smile of her happiness to the children under her care. She has also matured into a fine young singer in Kaifeng, bringing songs and smiles to more people. Wang Juan’s message is one of justice and fairness within society, and she states clearly that people should keep away from all kinds of ‘cults’ as they steal the ability of individuals to think for themselves. Without free-thinking there can be no true happiness.  

Question: As the daughter of Wang Jindong, a self-immolation participant, you know the past best. Can you tell us about some of the history regarding the self-immolations in Tiananmen Square? 

Wang Juan: On January 23rd , 17 years ago, my father and several other Falun Gong Cult victims  were forced to perform acts of self-immolation in Tiananmen Square. Sudden (destructive) incidents like this cast long and sad shadow on the hearts of the Chinese people who were getting ready to celebrate the New Year. The impact was extremely bad at a time that is supposed to be happy and full of joy. 

Question: The founder of the Falun Gong Cult – Li Hongzhi – fled to the United States. He has stated that these self-immolations had nothing to do with him. What is the truth of the matter? 

Wang Juan: Li Hongzhi and the other Falun Gong Cult members are liars. Li Hongzhi and his lieutenants secure total psychological, physical and emotional control over their victims! No one in the Falun Gong Cult does anything without receiving direct orders from those in authority. One day in October 1996, the Falun Gong Cult practitioner named ‘Xue Hongjun (薛红军)’ gave my father a copy of the book entitled ‘Zhuan Falun’ (转法轮) – written by Li Hongzhi. My father was told that he could practice self-cultivation by studying this book, gain enlightenment, build health and generate good karma. At that time, my father read the book and practiced its content. He later recommended it to my mother and me. Since then, the three of us began to practice Falun Gong Cult activities not only reading, but also making the changes in our lives to be considered ‘good people’ as required in the book. We were instructed that independent thought was an inward problem, as was support for the Chinese Government and the Socialist System. We had to stop caring for our family members who were not Falun Gong Cult members, and stop respecting Authority and participating in meaningful work. We also had to stop practicing traditional Chinese religious traditions – which were viewed as ‘false’. Li Hongzhi views himself as a ‘god-like’ figure on earth, and also a new-type of Buddha who rejects the historical Buddha’s teachings. We had to practice Falun Gong Cult meditation as a means to ‘convince’ ourselves that ‘greed’ was good and that helping others was ‘bad’. Li Hongzhi says that the more power we give-up (and give to him) the greater our merit will be. Withdrawing into this dark world of the ‘cult’ – Li Hongzhi term ‘cultivation’. By only recognising the validity of Li Hongzhi’s definition of reality, we were told that we were building ‘Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.’ As we became ‘isolated’ from mainstream society our work began to suffer as we had to conform to the teachings of ‘Falun Dafa’ (法轮大法). Any deviation was severely punished.  

Question: Have you participated in the collective ‘study practice’? 

Wang Juan: The Falun Gong Cult leader clearly requires all ‘disciples’ to practice outdoors to achieve the effect of ‘promoting the law’, because this has a greater impact on society. We three people often practiced in key public areas in Kaifeng City, and came into contact with many Falun Gong Cult  ‘friends’. Because my shop is in Yujie, it is very convenient for my friends to come and go. We often learned from each other whilst comparing and improving our understanding of Zhuan Falun, the Falun Gong Cult leader, and his scriptures. Thanks to my wholehearted commitment, in a short period of time, I was able to discuss with several other ‘disciples’ who were recognized as high-level at the time. They had a great influence on my father, and my father’s understanding of Falun Gong Cult theory was deepened. From then on, our attachment to the Falun Gong Cult’s leader and his teachings grew stronger. We thought we were right and everyone else was wrong.  

Question: How did the Falun Gong Cult induce your father to self-immolate? 

Wang Juan: It should be said that people are fascinated by things, and once they are ‘brain-washed’, it is difficult for them to control themselves. In August 2000, we received the Falun Gong Cult syllabus entitled ‘Eliminate Your Last Attachment’ – downloaded from the Internet. The article said: ‘In fact, this is the time to put down the last attachment. As a practitioner, you already know and do it. When I put down all the attachments of the world, including the attachment to the human body, and walked away from life and death, I became ‘free’. You should follow my example and be like this without obsession. Why persist with a human-body? Isn’t the human mind obsessed? Does a Buddha persistent with attachment to the mind and body?’ This text also said: ‘I will take all the pain away from each disciple (so you will feel ‘nothing’), in fact, I cherish you more than you cherish yourselves!’ After reading this verse, my father’s thought of ‘Master-level’ devotion to Falun Gong Cult ideology reached a new peak. At that time, Liu Yunfang, who was well-known in the city as an experienced Falun Gong Cult practitioner, had repeatedly told my father and some of his frequent contacts about this verse, stating that Li Hongzhi had talked on other occasions about purification through fire. The false thinking was that each dedicated Falun Gong Cult practitioner would not feel any pain as the flames spread across the body. It was believed that Li Hongzhi would take all this pain away as if he were god! This is not true as Li Hongzhi is not a god and does not possess any special powers. If you set fire to yourself you only have yourself to blame and you will suffer terribly. Unfortunately, my father was brain-washed by the Falun Gong Cult practitioners and travelled to Tiananmen Square to perform what he thought would be a completely safe ritual of self-development.  

Question: The overseas Falun Gong Cult website says that your father is not a ‘Falun Dafa’ practitioner, as his legs are not badly burned.  They allege that he ‘burned’ himself and was not involved with the Falun Gong Cult. What are your views? 

Wang Juan: Since the ‘1·23’ self-immolation incident, the Falun Gong Cult leader has disregarded the facts and completely distorted the incident. This is because he has been proven to be a fraud with no special powers whatsoever. He lied to these practitioners who trusted him and instead suffered terribly when set on fire! The truth is the truth as JFK once said – you can fool some of the people some of time – but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time! 

My father is living proof that Li Hongzhi is a liar and that the Falun Gong Movement is a dangerous cult that defies logic and spreads pain and suffering throughout the world. This is what he personally told me about the Falun Gong Cult protocol leading up to the self-immolation:  

1). My father said that (following the instructions of Li Hongzhi whilst being assisted by other Falun Gong Cult practitioners) two beverage bottles held between the middle of his arms were filled with gasoline. The bottles were tied with nylon ropes and hung around the neck, and they were wrapped around the body with two tapes. Then the sweater is put on followed by a cotton jacket. Before the ignition, he used a single-sided blade to cut the two bottles through the sweater. The gasoline flowed out and pressed the lighter with his left hand. These actions are all done standing. The fire swallowed him in an instant. Due to the lack of oxygen, he felt it difficult to breathe. He had no time to sit in the double cross-legged meditation position. Instead, he sat in the single cross-legged meditation position. Although he was badly burned (and felt terrible pain), the bottles did not burst properly and much of the gasoline did not pour-out as intended. Those nearby were able to extinguish the fire very quickly and saved his life. 

2). Why is the fire extinguisher so fast? It is common sense that all motor vehicles that are allowed to drive on the road must be equipped with fire extinguishers. At the time, there were police cars and duty vehicles in the square. It is very easy to get fire extinguishers in time. 

3). The Falun Gong Cult was exposed by my father whose survival has proved embarrassing to Li Hongzhi and his cronies. My father is living proof that Li Hongzhi is a liar. Of course, the Falun Gong Cult states that my father is either an armed police officer – or more bizarrely a criminal sentenced to death! Anything but admit the truth! He wears military-styles shoes and a jacket because he works in a car factory and this is part of the standard safety uniform. My father is an ordinary worker who was misled by the Falun Gong Cult. He suffers terribly today because Li Hongzhi does not possess any special powers.  

Question: The Falun Gong Cult states that your family of three is not a real family at all. You are all unemployed workers paid by the Chinese Government to ‘act’ out your parts – including your father’s ‘self-immolation’. What are your views about this? 

Wang Juan: My parents got married in 1978, and our family photos of different periods are here. According to what they said, did the Chinese Government make arrangements for this self-immolation incident as early as 1978? I want to ask those who spread these rumours, if someone paid your family to self-immolate and offered them 100 million yuan, would you be willing to burn yourself? This is all lies. Only when you are under the influence of a brain-washing cult would you even consider self-immolation. Who in their right mind would do this?  

The Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident is a tragedy, and the Falun Gong Cult leader is the ‘Director General’. The Falun Gong Cult leader is the ‘mastermind’ behind it all. It can be said that the occurrence of the self-immolation incident in Tiananmen Square is the result of the ‘brain-washing’ of the Falun Gong Cult. 

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