China: Students Design Anti-Cult Cartoons! (2018)

Educate Your Children Against Cult-Thinking!


(Translation & Research by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Dangerous (politicised) superstitions such as the Pro-Tibetan Movement, Falun Gong and Eastern lightning Cults are premised upon inverted thinking, and illogical association of thought and material objects. Their ignorant ideologies mistake thoughts in the head for objects in the environment, and attempt to imbue inanimate objects (in the environment) with all kinds of imagined attributes (as if they were ‘alive’). This is the opposite of the scientific method and seeks to spread ignorance and superstition throughout Chinese society.

Do Not Let the Mentally Ill Have Power Over You!

Originating in the USA, these movements are falsely presented as manifestations of ‘freedom of thought’, but in reality, they are methods to ‘limit’ genuine free-thinking, and prevent the cultivation of the scientifically progressive nature of a Socialist Society. In this battle of wills between capitalist America and Socialist China, the ignorance and superstition association with predatory capitalism cannot be allowed to succeed in China. This is why schools throughout the Luyi County area of Henan province have been engaged in the advanced study of the psychology (and practice) of dangerous cults, and encouraged to design ‘cartoons’ to be shared around the country to assist other young Chinese people develop a proper perspective when encountering these criminal movements. Always report these cults to the Chinese Authorities. Go to your parents, teachers or police officers and do not allow yourself to be taken prisoner and exploited by these enemies of the people!  

Science Leads the Way!

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