Bay Care (Torquay) Not Subject to FOI Requests! (26.8.2019)

Ann Marie Lambert – Relative of Louise J Lambert (WordPress Blogger ‘Louise Mabey’)

Torbay Social Services (which are controlled by Torbay Council) administer the Social Care System as established by the Tory-LibDems Coalition (since 2010), and reinforced by the various subsequent Tories Governments, thereafter. Defined by the policies of ‘Austerity’, the United Nations Found the Tory-LibDems Coalition ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ in 2016 for the deaths of at least 120,000 vulnerable people in the UK (a number that is steadily increasing), due to cuts in Welfare, Social Services and the NHS (a devastating policy that has gone virtually ‘unreported’ by the mainstream press). The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) – head by Ian Duncan Smith – was responsible for the original deployment of these cuts, aided and abetted by Local Councils and Social Services. The abolition of State-controlled and State-run care services delivered ‘free at the point of use’ has led to all kinds of unqualified and non-CRB or DBS checked individuals being granted ‘private contracts’ by the Government and Local Councils – with the right to enter your home and interfer directly with the lives of your (vulnerable) loved ones. These private firms – such as ‘Bay Care’ in Torquay – employs men and women with no medical or academic qualifications, no specialised training or experience, and NO criminal Records Check! Although these private firms operate unde the ‘NHS Logo’, this is a flag of convenience which allows Social Services to flout the law and allow unqualified individuals into your home. These unqualified staff – such as those who work for Bay Care (pictured above terrorising one of their clients) – are not subject to the usual rules and regulations that protect the general public from properly trained NHS staff who might (on very rare occasions) behave inappropriately. Whereas the police can arrest a NHS staff member who misbehaves (and charge them with a crime), staff who work for firms like Bay Care are not subject to similar scrutiny, and are ‘protected’ from arrest by their management and the private care system. If a member of staff misbehaves then the police state that it is a ‘cvil matter’, and that the victim must ‘pay’ to pursue these people through the Courts (unless the crimes are particularly heinous)! Finally, all government departments are subject to ‘Freedom of Information’ (FOI) Requests – but ‘Bay Care’ – as a private firm, is not. This is an important observation as Bay Care staff are trained to ‘write everything down’ in a notebook dedicated to each client or household they gain access to. These books are used to violate privacy and even record the names of visiters, and where everyone in the household has gone during a particular day, before returning home! Bay Care staff even collect data about individuals not subject to the ‘Care Orders’ that facilitate their entry into your homes!

A recent ‘Freedom of Information Act’ Request was made in writing to ‘Bay Care’ recently, and after the Bay Care Management failed to respond within the legally defined time-limit allowed – this matter was forwarded to the Information Commissioner’s Office who issued the following response (on the 9th June, 2019) confirming Bay Care is not part of the NHS and has no legal duty to respond to FOI Requests:

Information request to Bay Care Domiciliary Care Ltd
We write with reference to the complaint you have submitted about the above organisation’s compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA).
The FOIA only applies to those bodies defined as ‘public authorities’ in section 3.
This organisation is not a public authority as defined by the FOIA and therefore does not have a duty to respond to information requests. For this reason the Information Commissioner is unable to proceed with your complaint and has closed your case.
The list of public authorities can be found on the website through the following link:
I hope this is helpful, but if you need to discuss the matter I can be contacted on the number below.
Yours sincerely

Anjum Iqbal (Mr) 
Case Officer
Information Commissioner’s Office


  1. Today, I received via email the following message from one ‘Louise J Lambert’ – who blogs on wordpress as ‘Louise Mabey’:

    ‘What a load of inaccurate rubbish you’ve written’

    To be fair, this family does not possess a lot of common-sense, with Louise apparently unaware that the email wordpress sends to me informing me of her comment – also tells me exactly who she is and what she gets up to on her blog. Be warned – this family ‘lies’ as a matter of course – and ‘Louise Mabey’ participates in what the Americans refer to as ‘stolen valour’ – when she posts letter written by a relative who served in the RAF during WWII… Loise J Lambert is obviously a relative of ‘Ann Marie Lambert’ who is photographed terrorising a client under Bay Care ‘care’ a year ago. As a lawful ‘corrective’ to this behaviour of Louise Mabey I have added the name of her relative to the above photograph. People will learn that everytime they support the criminal behaviour of Bay Care, its Managers or Staff, more and more facts will be released into the public domain.

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