Happy 92nd Birthday to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army! (1.8.2019)

The PLA is 92 Years-Old Today!

The Communist Party of China was founded in 1921. The (Chinese) People’s Liberation Army was founded on August 1st, 1927. The task of the PLA was to fight the forces of fascism, feudalism and reaction, and to assist the working class seize the means of production. The PLA successfully achieved this objective in 1949 – having defeated Imperial Japan, Nationalist China and its US running dogs! Since that time the PLA has been the protector of the Socialist Revolution in China, and draws its many millions of troops from the many different (ethnic) populations of men and women from all over China. The PLA has driven out bourgeois and capitalist-supporting cliques in various parts of China, and has kept the people safe from attack for decades. What must not be forgotten is that from the mighty PLA, the ‘Red’ Airforce and ‘Red’ Navy has developed, along with all kinds of other (specialist) Socialist provisions for self-defense. Although the PLA has around 2 million serving soldiers at anyone time (with another 1.8 million in reserve), the defense of China (and the Socialist Revolution) is technologically-led. The Socialist Science of the Chinese Communist State is designed to counter ALL threats deriving from aggressive capitalist countries (led by the US), and the fascists regimes these States support (such as Ukraine, Poland and Estonia, etc).    

The founding principle of the PLA has been to seek happiness for the Chinese people and to revive the Chinese nation. Looking at the world, the fate of an army has never been so closely linked to the prosperity of a political party, the prosperity of a country, and the revival of a nation. President Xi Jinping has insisted that the PLA ethos be premised upon a sound education in Marxist-Leninism (and Maoism), so that the foundation of the modern Chinese nation will be able to meet new challenges without forgetting or abandoning its past. There must be a continuous and relevant renewal of forces premised upon the correct dialectical interpretation of reality. We must learn from the past, understand the past, respect the past and not be limited to the past. This is the dynamic nature of Socialist development. We want only peace for the world but are well aware that the capitalist nations want only war.  The PLA maintains the peace by protecting the masses with its bravery and technology. 

In October of this year the People’s Republic of China (PRC) will be 70 years old having been founded in 1949! The Communist Party of China (CPC) is now 98 years old having been founded in 1921. The CPC, PLA and PRC are all ideologically linked and historically entwined! There has been many challenges and tremendous sacrifices on the part of the Chinese people, but the PLA has always been there to support and protect them no matter what the cost. This has been true during the US War of Aggression in Korea (1950-1953), the Indian War of Aggression in 1962, and the Vietnamese War of Aggression in 1979! The Socialist Revolution must always be protected by the Chinese people and this is a point that cannot be negotiated away. Some of our most costly battles were before 1949, and this is the price the Chinese people has had to pay for self-determination! Long Live the PLA! 

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