More on the Racism of ‘Hong Kong Phooey’ (Remember – it’s Quicker than the Human-Eye)!

Who is this superhero? ‘Sarje‘ the White police officer? No! Rosemary the White telephone operator? No! It’s the only ‘non-human’ character fulfilling the role of a casual labourer – you know, the kind of job all Chinese people are portrayed as having in the older Western movies and books? Could be! In the racist Eurocentric rhetoric aimed at China for centuries, the Chinese people are presented as ‘sub-human’ and ‘non-human’, or perhaps from a warped evolutionary perspective – ‘not quite’ human! Although North American Indians eat dog meat, as do European (White) people in Belgium and Switzerland (not to mention Asians living in the US colonies of South Korea and Taiwan), dog-eating has been used to attack China for decades even though very few people in China eat dog-meat today (due to the affluence the country is experiencing under Socialism). Human populations all over the world have eaten virtually every other living thing (including each other) to survive. Eating patterns alter to reflect more stable and plentiful food supplies. The British explorers alongside Captain Scott (who perished on a 1912 expedition to the Antarctic) had to kill and eat their sledge-dogs to survive – but no one considers them sub-human as a consequence. Dog-eating is discouraged in China because dogs are pets, but certain strands of the Western animal rights movement insist upon deploying racist anti-China advertisement campaigns that have no basis in fact. In 1974, Hanna Barbera in the US had no problem depicting a Chinese character as a ‘dog’ in a cartoon designed to entertain children, whilst engineering that an African-American – Scatman Crothers (known for his role in ‘The Shining’ movie) – provided the voice for ‘Hong Kong Phooey’ – ‘Henry – the mild-mannered janitor’. This is the typical tactic deployed by the White community of ‘divide and conquer’, whereby ethnic minorities are turned against one another for the entertainment of Europeans (and their children). Scatman Crothers even starts saying things like ‘Ching, Chong, Chang’ as part of the supposed ‘rap’ he is performing… 

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