George Galloway’s Embracing of the Right! (30.6.2019)

The problem today is George Galloway’s easy slide into Trotskyism and the distortion of working-class affairs that this represents. Hearing him eulogise the fascist Donald Trump is as disconcerting (and shocking) as when he was sat laughing and joking with his other fascist friend – the British racist Nigel Farage! What he doesn’t seem to realise is that for millions of non-White people in the US (as it is for non-White people around the world), life is terrible, fearful and subject to the whims of out of control White racism (a reality equally distressing to Europeans who reject racism). He probably doesn’t realise it, (or just doesn’t care), but when he has been filmed sat with the fascist Nigel Farage his betrayal of Internationalism, and the non-White populations of the UK has been palpable, and explains why he lost a large swathe of that support in Britain. I see that just as Jeremy Corbyn is now labelling supporters of ‘Brexit’ as ‘fascists’ (Corbyn opposed the EU all his political life as being an anti-working class entity until he was elected leader of the Labour Party), George Galloway is now labelling all those leftists who quite rightly understand the ‘Zionist’ (although ‘not Jewish’) control of world politics through finance as being ‘anti-Semitic’. Of all people, George Galloway should understand that the single reason that ‘capitalist’ Russia is targetted by the US is that it refuses to join the world banking system, and does not allow a Rothschild’s controlled ‘central’ or ‘national’ bank to operate within its borders (the Rothschild family’s historical association with Judaism has nothing to do with it). The Holocaust was a terrible crime that murdered 11 million people (which included 6 million Jews), but George Galloway does not give equal weight to the disabled, homosexuals, Slavs, Romany, Communists and anyone else exterminated. He also never recognises the fact that the Nazi Germans invaded the USSR with the sole purpose of eradicating the Slavic race (eventually killing around 34.5 million between 1941-1945). His lack of historical and contemporary judgement explains why he cannot get re-elected, whilst his fascist-friendly Trotskyite rhetoric is creating a following for him straight out of the murky world of the far-right!


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