How the Labour Party Tasked George Orwell with Leading an Anti-Communist Witchhunt in the UK! (1949)

George Orwell is Watching You!

The Labour Party’s term of Government in the UK from 1945-1950 was an eventful one. After having appeared to equate the support of the USSR’s fight against Nazi Germany with workers’ rights in general to gain a landslide election victory, the Labour Party continued to ostracize the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) – which as the British Socialist Party had helped found the Labour Party – whilst allowing Winston Churchill to represent the UK in international affairs and generate a Cold War alliance with the rightwing, fundamentalist US President Truman. Indeed, Churchill single-handedly started the Cold War with his 1946 Fulton Speech delivered in the US. In 1946 the Labour Party – succumbing to the usual post-war victory xenophobia that was rife throughout the UK targetted the Chinese populations of London’s Docklands and forcibly deported thousands of Chinese men (and ironic tribute to one of Britain’s staunchest allies during WWII. Indeed, the reason Chinatown nolonger exists in East London is because of this Labour Party Pogrom (George Alagiah has compiled excellent research of this dark chapter in British Labour Party history). Whilst intending to copy the National Health Service (NHS), Welfare System, Social Housing and Free Education of the USSR, the Labour Party also (and deliberately) aligned itself with every anti-Socialist US post-WWII policy and initiative imposed upon Europe in return for trade, cash and material aid. This is how the Labour Party laid the foundations of what we now call the ‘European Union’ (EU). The purpose of the EU is to spread predatory US capitalism throughout Europe, dismantle any existing Socialist establishments or nationalised entities, and prevent any further development of Socialism anywhere within the EU. The EU does this by actively encouraging neo-Nazi movements throughout Eastern Europe as these are antagonistic to modern (capitalist) Russia. 

How did the British Labour Party collaborate in a totally undemocratic manner with US neo-imperialism? The Information Research Department (IRD), was founded in 1948 by Christopher Mayhew, and was established by the British Foreign Office (with Ernest Bevin’s approval). Its primary purpose was to counter so-called ‘Soviet propaganda’, and prevent the infiltration of the Western labour movement with Marxist-Leninism. To achieve these objectives, this ‘big brother’ organisation, without any trace of irony, hired the British Trotskyite known as ‘George Orwell’ (who was still smarting from the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, as Trotsky had called upon all his followers in 1938 to support any and all fascist aggression against the USSR), to compile a list of who he thought might have sympathies toward the USSR. In so doing this, George Orwell behaved just like one of his totalitarian characters contained in his anti-Soviet (fictional) novel ‘1984’ (written in ‘1948’). It is interesting to note that British schoolchildren are still force-fed this Orwellian drivel when young. In return for this display of political bias and anti-intellectualism, the Labour Party authorised the IRD to finance the publishing of George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ into the Chinese, Burmese and Arabic languages. This ‘list’ was purely subjective and included EH Carr, Charlie Chaplin, Michael Redgrave, Isaac Deutscher, Alexander Werth and J. B. Priestley amongst many others. The point of this anti-democratic and draconian ‘list’ was to ‘limit’ access to broadcasting and other media outlets by these ‘suspects’, and to prevent (where possible) these individuals from acquiring influential posts throughout the UK. The Labour Party (and the BBC) used this ‘list’ to purge the British trade unions of any obvious Communist elements. The illegal nature of the IRD can be gleamed from the fact that it was kept ‘secret’ until after its demise in 1977 (when it was abolished by David Owen)!  In my view it is exactly the work of these great people that Orwell (the reactionary snitch) tried suppress that we all should be ready – with Orwell’s work consigned to the dustbin of history! (According to one source, Orwell also believed his tax inspector was a Soviet spy – this is the type of person the Labour Party trusted over the British working class and the left-leaning British intelligensia!) 

Orwell’s natural (Eurocentric) racism extended toward his opinion of Paul Robeson – whom Orwell described as ‘too anti-White’ – after Paul Robeson had publically spoke-out against the murderous tactics of the KKK in the US. Paul Robeson had been targetted by race riots in New York in 1949 – and Orwell being a fascist – roundly condemned Robeson for daring to speak out! His original list is thought to have been of 135 names, with Orwell selecting what he considered to be the most dangerous 35, which he passed onto the IRD to be actioned. This final list included two serving Labour MPs – namely Michael Foot and Tom Driberg – (with Labour MPs Stephen Swingler, John Platts-MillsBessie Braddock appearing on the longer list).  George Bernard Shaw is on the longer list but Orwell felt Shaw’s popularity might cause a backlash if he was directly targetted by the Labour Party, and so (like Paul Robeson) he is left off of the short list. George Orwell had joined a Trotskyite militia in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) which was operating under the false-front of an ‘anarchist’ unit. He and his fellow Trotskyites were engaged in undermining the Socialist resistance to Franco’s fascism, by collaborating with the fascists whilst pretending to resist them. This plot was unmasked by Soviet agents and Orwell’s unit neutralized. As a consequence of exposing Orwell’s treachery, George Orwell pursued a personal vendetta against the USSR and Joseph Stalin. The Labour Party, BBC and educational establishment fully supported Orwell’s anti-intellectualism and this very much remains the case today. 


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