Is Corbyn’s Betrayal of Labour Greater than Ramsey MacDonald’s?


The Story of Ramsey MacDonald

I have written extensively in the past about the uneasy relationship between the Socialist left (Marxist-Leninism) and the Labour Party. This is because the bourgeois cliché which runs the Labour Party made it clear many decades ago that is was a party of capital and opposed to Socialism (Communism). Nothing has changed except the extent of the delusions on the left that Labour is somehow representing their best interests. Jeremy Corbyn is not a ‘Marxist-Leninist’ – he is a Trotskyite – but even this has been considered expediently better (within context of the liberal, democratic process) than the crass ideology of neo-liberalism embraced by the Tories and LibDems! The EU – both now and in the past – has been nothing but the harbinger of US (anti-Socialist) hegemony since 1945, and the destroyer of workers’ rights! By Jeremy Corbyn embracing a Second Referendum he has single-handedly betrayed the working class to an even greater degree than Ramsey MacDonald! The EU embraces US-style predatory capitalism and its Membership Regulations call for the complete dismantling, abolishing and privatisation of any and all ’Socialised’ medical, welfare and housing systems throughout Europe. As a supporter and empowerer of US neo-imperialism, the ‘Lisbon Treaty’ calls upon all EU Member States to raise a European military force to support the US military, NATO and any other pro-capitalist entity in an attack on forces hostile to predatory capitalism. Jeremy Corbyn has not only sentenced the British NHS and Welfare State to oblivion, but he has singlehandedly aligned to the UK to an even greater EU militarism, and threat from war. Of course, Labour failed the working class in 2016 when it could not even win an election with the country being in the terrible state it was, in the same year that the UN found the Tories and LibDems Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity for the deaths of 120,000+ disabled and vulnerable people in the UK (between 2010-2016) due entirely to Austerity! Labour has also been unable to confront the Zionist lobby and the infiltration of its ranks by Israeli funded fascists tasked with destroying all Socialism as a means to prevent any future Labour Government (under Corbyn) recognising Palestine as an independent State! Labour has failed in these tasks because its leadership is not truly Socialist, does not believe in Socialism, and refuses to declare clearly defined Socialist policies. Instead, Jeremy Corbyn has been busy placating the very bourgeois press that has been steadfastly campaigning for his removal since he was elected into office! I have been disappointed in Corbyn’s joining-in with the bourgeois establishment in its attacks upon Russia, and with the many instances in his political career where he has supported the bourgeois establishment’s attacks upon Communist China! Even if a Second Referendum is called, and even if the ‘leave’ vote wins (again), will it matter with a Labour Party that will oust Corbyn and fully embrace its capitalist and reactionary roots? As I wrote four years ago, I was of the opinion that Corbyn was voted leader of the Labour Party as a ploy to eventually purge it of ALL Socialist attributes and as time goes by, I believe that my prediction is being proven correct.  

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