Hong Kong was Never ‘Free’ Under the British! (2019)


Author’s Note: I received this short article today (via WeChat) from my colleague Prof, Zhao Yuezhi (who is as famous in the West as she is in China). This Chinese language text is entitled ‘一针见血!英国学者犀利点评香港的问题,讲的真好九龙” – which can be translated as ‘A Direct Hit! A British Scholar Epertly (and Correctly) Assesses the Problematic Situation in Hong Kong!’. This is a post issued by the WeChat blogger known as ‘Nine Dragon Military Matters’ (九龙军事 – Jiu Long Jin Shi) three days ago (2.7.2019). (In the Cantonse language, ‘九龙’ is pronounced ‘Kowloon’ and may refer to that part of the Northern Hong Kong mainland (i.e. the ‘Kowloon Peninsula). This WeChat page describes itself as ‘传递正能量!纵览世界军事与大国博弈,一起见证伟大的中国梦、复兴梦!’ or ‘Transferring positive energy! An overview of the world’s military and big power games, together we can witness the great Chinese dream, the revival dream!’ ACW (4.7.2019)

‘The recent storms in Hong Kong have gradually subsided, but it can be seen that Hong Kong society is still facing a difficult situation and still has tears. In the face of the Chinese Mainland, it is still entangled with the confusions of history. 

British scholar Martin Jacques points out the key reasons and gave his own assessments and suggests counter-measures. 

Martin Jacques has taught at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Renmin University of China, and the National University of Singapore. He is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Asian Studies Centre of the London School of Economics and a Visiting Fellow at the Chinese Academy of Fudan University, this is an objective and impartial British viewpoint! 

In the video, he pointed out the root of the problem and what he says is really good. I suggest everyone look at.’ 

Original Chinese Language Text:




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