The Happiness and Freedom of Modern Tibet! (2015)

Lhasa’s First Elementary School fifth grade students pose for photos with their maths teacher – Zhang Ge (张鸽) – in the playground (photo taken on September 2). Zhang Ge is from Shaanxi has been in Tibet for 11 years. Her greatest wish is to dedicate her youth to this bright land of Tibet. 

Original Article: 解读西藏人的“幸福密码”

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)


This is Luosang Gonbu (洛桑贡布), stood at the entrance of the small shop which he owns. He was pushing his bicycle to go out (photo taken on March 18). Born in 1949, Luosang Gonbu was the same son of the Republic. He was the son of a serf. He later became a Cadre under the training of the Communist Chinese State. He was the Director of the Commercial Bureau of Lhasa Chengguan District and retired in 2005. In his eyes, after the peaceful liberation of Tibet, everyone is free to dominate their own destiny. The Potala Palace stands tall and has witnessed the vicissitudes of the snowy plateau over half a century. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the reporter has sorted out the contents of ten aspects, including politics, people’s livelihood, economy, ecology, culture, etc., which explore the source of happiness within modern Tibet.

Tibetans Enjoy World Class and ‘Free’ Healthcare
The 54-year-old Bianba(边巴) sells kites along the Lhasa River (photo taken on September 2). She has tens of thousands of yuan in income every season. 
A monk from the Linbu Temple in Cheren Township, Jiangyan County, Shigatse, Tibet, points to the butter lamp in the temple (photo taken on August 2).
25 Year old (Tibetan) Police Officer Ren Qing Ba Zong (仁青巴宗) outside Beijing Middle Road Police Station (photo taken September 2). 


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