Tibetan Youths Express Love for Their Communist Inheritance (2015)


Original Article: 放飞心灵 爱满高原(图)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The psychological, emotional and physical well-being of the Tibetan people has been enhanced over the last number of decades (since ‘Liberation’ in 1949), as the backward feudalism practised by the clique of the criminal 14th Dalai Lama has been replaced with a compassionate Scientific Socialism which seen the achievement of a 100% literacy rate, a substantial increase in people’s life expectancy and an unheard of decrease in the infant mortality rate. This modern approach has seen the corrupt elements of ‘Lamaism’ being expelled from the Buddhist Establishment in Tibet, and the more noble and logical elements of authentic Buddhism emphasised and strengthened. Buddhism and Socialism share a common foundation when Buddhism is not corrupted by greed, hatred and delusion. Today, Tibetans mat follow Buddhism or not (the Communist Party of China supports both pathways), as ‘freedom of religious practice’ is an integral and important part of the Constitution. Throughout the entirety of China, the Communist Party advocates free education, housing and healthcare, and is always engaged in developing and strengthening these progressive policies.

On October 23rd, 2015, the Communist Youth League Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region, hosted the first phase of the Tibet Youth Practice Education Foundation programme entitled “Freeing the Mind, Sunshine, and Me – We are Communist Successors” held in Lhasa. This focused on the collective needs of the Tibetan people (compassion), and how this should be financed (wisdom) by the Chinese State and ongoing localised endeavour. Secular life and a healthy business and employment environment (with strong Unions) has already been achieved (often attracting Western attention), whereas the Buddhist Establishment has developed into a worthy and admirable manifestation of the unique culture of the Tibetan region of China.

The 40 outstanding student representatives of the Autonomous Region Children’s Welfare Institute cultivated a collectivist team spirit and self-reliance through a three-day themed team event. It is reported that the practice camp is divided into five phases and is held every weekend from October 23 to December 6. The members are mainly farmers and herdsmen and children of poor families in the surrounding counties of Lhasa. Tibet is a very important part of modern China and its Communist Movement has always been independently strong and self-sufficient.

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