The ‘Ecological’ Jinyun Rural Mai Lang Music Festival – Zhejiang, China (11.5.2019)


Original Article: 嘿,这场音乐节居然是麦香味儿的! 还有超燃快闪!

Forwarded By Prof. Zhao Yuezhi (赵月枝)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The ‘China Jinyun (2019) Rural Mai Lang Music Festival’ was held on the 11th of May 2019 at the Small Township of ‘Mai Xiang’, not far from Shu Hong Township, situated in South-Central province of Zhejiang. The original title states ‘Hey, This Music Festival Possesses the Smell of Wheat! Even the Lighting and Special Effects are Overpowering!’ Much is made of the natural environment of the wheat farm within which this music festival was staged, developed in such a manner so that no damage was inflicted upon the eco-system or its widlife. The fact that this area is famous for growing wheat, lends a certain ‘romantic’ air to the proceedings. This traditional music festival staged historical performances relevant to the living memories of many of the local villagers. Although technologically sophisticated (having to provide electricity, water, food, sanitation and security, etc), the skills on display were of a uniquely ‘traditional’ flavour, with the entire event demonstrating the integration of town and country, urban and rural. This is part of the ongoing project within modern China to bring the progressive nature of the Scientific Socialism developed in the cities – to the countrysides – in such a manner that sees the development of the rural areas whilst preserving their historical and cultural integrity.





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