Burrow Down: Charlotte’s 44th Birthday Party (23.4.2019)


Burrow Down – Supportive Living (Torquay)

Charlotte – my younger sister – is multiply disabled and is currently subject to involuntary ‘respite care’. Since 2010, the Tories and Libdems Government(s) have systematically attack Britain’s disabled population through ‘Austerity’. This has involved the privatisation of the NHS, the cutting of Social Services and the dismantling of the Welfare State. This has led to the deaths of over 120,000 vulnerable, ill and disabled people in the UK. In 2016, the Tories and LibDems Coalition Government was found ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ by the United Nations (UN). Since then, the Tories have done nothing to prevent these deaths or reverse these damaging ideological cuts. The DWP and Social Services has been the main Government departments that have ruthlessly applied these cuts, and which have been directly responsible for these deaths. Although we have survived these cuts through cleverness and fast footwork – unfortunately my family has been targeted by Torbay Social Services, the privatised ‘healthcare’ firms (which operate fraudulently under the NHS logo and employ untrained and non-DBS-CRB checked staff), and Torbay Council. This is because we will not accept these cuts or the fact that it is ‘normal’ for disabled people to be ‘killed’ due to the abolition of the NHS and Welfare State. My family has quite rightly protested the behaviour of the Social Services and as a punishment – and without a Court Order or Warrant issued by the Court – Charlotte was extracted from her family home in Torquay and placed (illegally) in enforced ‘respite care’ at Burrow Down. This was after she suffered abuse and physical damage (she used to come home with bruises over her body, and on one occasion two of her fingers were broken) at Hollacombe Day Centre in Paignton. The Police were informed but told us that as Charlotte cannot speak, she cannot give any ‘evidence’ and therefore, as an adult, cannot ‘report a crime’ in her own right. As we protested about this, my family has been deliberately targetted to shut us up. Bear in mind after all the Tory and LibDems cuts, and after my parents have paid tax all their lives, we are being charged thousands of pounds every month for disability care that was delivered ‘free’ at the point use prior to 2010. As I have contacted Burrow Down in writing – informing them that they are colluding with Torbay Social Services in ‘kidnap’ and ‘false imprisonment’ – they have been very accommodating of my visits to see Charlotte – over the last two days. I am not surprised because usually their behaviour has been less than accommodating to Rachel and Paul when they visit by preventing access even though an appointment was made, two or three staff members watching and writing down everything said and done without consent, and abrupt and disrespecful attitudes – until the bill is issued each month. We must elect a Socialist Labour Party and reinstate authentic and proper care for Britain’s vulnerable people, and all these people who have colluded with the murder of thousands to justice!  We fight on for Charlotte and millions of others who have no voice!


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