Torquay: WWII D-Day Memorial – We Remember the US Soldiers (17.4.2019)


WW2 Slipways

We have visited and photographed this site in passing a few times over the years – but today decided to use out better mobile ‘phone (huawei) cameras to take much better pictures. The light was also much better today, than it had been in the past. The Torbay Council webpage states that the two slipway built-in the harbour were the loading points for US troops to board ships and sail toward France as part of a huge British, Empire and Commonwealth force determined to take-on the Nazi Germans and put an end to their tyranny. This was when the US Government fought on the rightside of history – as an ally of the Soviet Union! We respect everyone who fought against fascism with us during that terrible war! It is a sobering thought that many of these brave young men never returned alive. They fought and died for our freedom not to live under fascism! How different things are today, with the US Government supporting Zionist Israel and neo-Nazism in the Ukraine!







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