America as Nazi Germany: US Depotism Unmasked! (8.2.2019)

Trump – The Product of the US System!

President Trump is a classic example of American ignorance, totalitarianism and anti-intellectualism. The US (bourgeois) system, in its religious-like zeal to prevent the ordinary American citizens developing a genuine working-class identity (outside of Trotskyite deception), has proven its ability to limit education, control the flow of information and censor news networks. This generates a false barrier which resists the development of history and acts as a dialectical contradiction to the natural development of the human mind and body. America will oneday undoubtedly be a Socialist country dedicated to the objective of exporting World Revolution and the transition into the reality that is Communism. By that time, all the fabricated (anti-intellectual) barriers will have been consigned to the dustbin of history, with America’s past (and its racist pogroms, rape, mass murder and destruction) taught in US schools very similar to the disgust with which the Nazi German history is taught today. It is uncertain how the US people will overthrow the despotism of its corrupt capitalist leaders – but given the routine psychological and physical violence routinely utilised by the US State – it is more than likely that the transition will reflect this reality. Of course, as Marx observed a society can transition in a blink of an eye for all kinds of reasons, and not necessarily involve violence (contrary to popular belief in the West, the 1917 Russian Revolution was a remarkably peaceful affair with few casualties). The US people possess the power in their own hands to wash-away the capitalist filth that currently occupies and controls their country, the problem is the sustaining of a false (racist) nationalism, a neo-imperialist attitude, and fetishization of fire-arm ownership. The US bourgeoisie have used fire-arms like a drug that US citizens have become addicted to. The same bourgeoisie continuously links any attempt to control this ‘drug’ ahistorically with Communist China, Soviet Russia and even Nazi Germany (implying that not owning guns is tantamount to the implementation of some despotic and alien regime), whist ignoring the fact that the vast majority of capitalist, liberal democracies in Europe (and around the world) FORBID the routine owning (and usage) of fire-arms, as does the UK. The US anti-intellectuals remain ‘silent’ on this matter as these inconvenient facts undermine the legitimacy of their argument.  Those Americans (including leftists) that advocate gun ownership live in a country that exports war, death and destruction, but has never paid the price through invasion in modern times. Europe has been subjected to wholesale slaughter twice in the 20th century and this is why fire-arms are not viewed as a symbol power or somekind of ‘anti-State’ symbol. The US bourgeoisie encourages gun-ownership and demonises gun-control whilst encouraging a country of 250 million ‘individuals’ (with no collective class consciousness) to use these guns against one another. Heavily armed Individuals that hate each other are more likely to spend their time threatening and killing one another in the name of ‘freedom’ (whilst being distinctly ‘unfree’), than in educating themselves to the unjust reality of the society they live in. The US bourgeoisie retains a sense of undeclared warfare within society, whilst exporting declared (and undeclared) warfare to any nation that dares to exercise self-determination. This is the state of ply today with the US being essentially an elected dictatorship at a time of capitalism in decay. This can and will change when the conditions are right, and probably in a very unique manner that no one can yet predict whilst assessing current data.

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