‘Stalin’s Revenge’ MEL-DSP-56


This is a post derived from ‘notes’ I compiled during a number of conversations with a Russian friend over a few weeks (recently). My friend was relaying to me a story he had been told by an elderly relative who had worked in the clandestine ‘Soviet Space Security Unit’. The SSSU (a loose translation) was charged to protect the cutting-edge of Soviet technology from sabotage and theft. The United States was desperate to ‘steal’ Soviet technology – particularly ‘space’ technology – as a means to present it to the world as being the product of the genius of American capitalism. Contrary to Western disinformation, the rise of Nikita Khrushchev (and his clique) was not universally welcome in the USSR. For sake of social (and political) order, Soviet Society continued on its day to day course free of crime and motivated by scientific endeavour. Many party sections and institutes paid lip-service to Khrushchev but worked behind the scenes to ‘limit’ his particular brand of self-interest. Khrushchev tried to counter this apathy with his (1956) so-called ‘Secret Speech’ within which he betrayed the memory and reputation of Joseph Stalin (accusing him of all kinds of ‘Crimes against Socialism’). Many Soviet people understood exactly what was happening and realised that Nikita Khrushchev was simply releasing into the Soviet Press the disinformation about Joseph Stalin being then propagated in the US. In this regard Khrushchev was generally viewed as a ‘fool’ holding high office in a system with many checks and balances. Soviet Society continued on its Marxist-Leninist trajectory (with a few less obvious pictures of Stalin), whilst Khrushchev was treated as a ‘front man’ – acting only as long as it was convenient for the Soviet State. Behind the scenes Soviet flight and rocketry technology was developing to a considerable degree. Sputnik 1 – launched in late 1957 – was a simpler version of a deep space probe launched a year earlier.

I convey this information as I trust the person (and his elderly relative). I have no way of knowing if it is ‘true’ – but those involved certainly do believe it is. ‘Stalin’s Revenge’ (Месть Сталина) is the colloquial term used by Soviet scientists that remain loyal to Lenin and Stalin, and whilst protected by the Communist Party, continued to work in secret during the early Khrushchev years. The full name of this interplanetary satellite was the ‘Marx-Engels-Lenin – Deep Space Probe – 1956 (Маркс Энгельс Ленин – Глубокий космический зонд – 56) – this was presented to me as ‘‘Stalin’s Revenge’ MEL-DSP-56’ in English – ‘Месть Сталина ‘ – МЭЛ-Гкз-56 – in Russian. It was a titanium rounded rocket containing a ‘disc’ of the ‘Communist Manifesto’ – and a paper-copy of the 1936 Constitution of the USSR. The probe was painted ‘Red’ with a gold Hammer and Sickle. The inner walls had numerous images of Soviet life and a short description of capitalism and the science that had replaced it. I am told it was designed to be the size of a small car with a ‘Revolutionary’ propulsion mechanism and ‘renewable’ energy system. the journey was to last for at least 100 years – but longer if everything worked properly. Although the Soviet System tended toward the idea that no other life existed in the universe, apparently it was Joseph Stalin who had suggested that the Soviet System on earth should be announced in deep space just incase any other intelligent life either already existed, or would perhaps evolve at a later date. Not long after the Launch Khrushchev discovered the project and had it closed down as a threat to his leadership.

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