The End of Genuine Anti-Fascism in the UK!

Racist Polish Catholic
Racist Polish Catholic

My family is Anglo-Chinese and we are all born in the UK. We are proud of our Revolutionary heritage in both the UK and China, and are motivated to work politically because of our deep concern for the welfare of humanity, animals (as vegetarians) and the planet. We do not accept the distorted US Cold War version of history or the Trotskyite distortion of Marxist ideology. Our children are thoughtful, well-behaved and have never hurt anyone. We are proud to carry the Red Flag and not ashamed in the slightest in the history of the USSR or Communist China! On the contrary, we are proud of both manifestations of Socialism, and fully support Cuba, Vietnam and Laos. As I look ‘White’ I do not experience racism, but Gee (whose parents are Hakka Chinese from the former British colony of Hong Kong), and our daughters who are ethnically mixed, experience anti-Chinese racism on a regular basis in the UK. It is not that the UK is particularly racist – that is just not true – but the victims of racism are located and persecuted by the racists that undoubtedly exist. Gee – as an adult – is a continuous recipient of anti-Chinese racism, sometimes in London, occasionally at work, and a lot in Devon. Why should someone put up this treatment in a civilised country? Gee has never hurt anyone and always comes to the aid of EVERYONE who needs help! In her job as a Midwife she has delivered hundreds of babies safely and saved the lives of hundreds of women!

The ‘True’ Red Anti-fascists!

As we are grateful (and proud) of the Russian people and Soviet Red Army for fighting fascism during WWII (in which the Soviet Union suffered between 27-40 million casualties), we decided to carry the Red Flag of the Soviet State and a Ceremonial Red Flag featuring the pictures of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. As we were not in a large group, we were targeted by the Nazi-supporting ‘Polish Catholic’ and a racist Socialist Workers Party member because of these flags. However, the targeting was of  a threatening nature in front of our children, which was escalated by an elderly woman (who ran away from being photographed) who identified herself as a Labour Party member! This elderly woman stated within our earshot that the UK ‘was over-run with Chinese migrants and their off-spring!’. This led to the two men joining in and making further comments about Gee’s ethnicity whilst looking at us. They were trying to cause a fight on an anti fascist march by painting my multiethnic family as being the ‘fascists’ and their racist, neo-Nazi supporting White hegemony as representing ‘anti-fascism’!  The Polish Catholic stated that he was ‘proud’ that his Polish Catholic ancestry fought with the Nazi Germans during WWII, and the SWP member stated that Gee represented ‘China’ which is, in his warped opinion, a fascist State! My mother commnted on how disgusting these people were to demean the UK’s antifascist heritage, and disrespect the war service of our grandfathers who fought fascism during WWII! Gee’s family (and ethnic group) fought the fascist Japanese in the New Territories for the UK during WWII – and died in their thousands! Whilst our families spilt blood for the UK, the Trotskyites and the Polish Catholics sided with the Nazis Germans and helped kill members of our armed forces (in one way or another). Our mixed-ethnicity family represent the ‘true’ Britishness in this equation, and not the fascist Trotskyites or the Polish Catholics (the latter of which joined the SS and committed War Crimes)!

A British Communist Stands Up for the UK!

As hundreds of people were standing around and witnessing this racial abuse, why did no one come to our aid and confront these fascists? What kind of ‘anti-fascism’ is it that involves the British Unions tolerating SWP and Eastern European ‘racism’ on the British streets? Only one person came up to me and shook my hand – congratulating us on our flags – but he was passing through and did not know what was happening. The Union members around us actually moved away so that in a large crowd we were stood virtually alone.  I think this shows the inherent ‘racism’ and ‘hypocrisy’ within a) British culture today, and b) the British leftwing. The British left has been infiltrated and compromised by rightwingism, Trotskyism, revisionism and fascism! If you are not White, these statements will be self-evidently true, but many White people do not want to hear this type of reality as it exposes many inadequacies in leftist culture today, inluding the ‘myth’ that White racists – when they gather together – are somehow opposing the very racism and fascism they themselves embody and represent. I have never seen so many White people applaud themselves for living in a myth! I will say this to you fascists of the left – you are class enemies no different to the rightwing and must be fought and politically eradicated. You are scum and no matter what you do to us – we will fight you back!  We will continue to represent the true spirit of the Red Army!


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