The Ongoing Suffering of the British People…

Lawful CPB Poster - Sheilds Road (Newcastle East)

We are in a peculiar position in the UK. We all still pay tax upon our earnings – and since the Thatcher-era even Benefits have been ‘taxed’ prior to being issued (a contentious policy attacking the poor that might well be ‘illegal’ on the grounds that ‘Benefits’ are not ‘income’ and have already been paid for through legitimate taxation) – and yet we as a working population receive less and less social services, healthcare and Benefits for an increasing tax burden. Despite ‘collectively’ paying for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), we – the taxpayers – are treated as ‘scroungers’ and ‘defrauders’ of the State – with DWP (Government) propaganda continuously making the false claim that the Welfare State, NHS and Schooling System is ‘something for nothing’. As workers we provide our labour, we make, produce and transform, and we receive our pay (which is a small part of the profit generated). Since 2010 and the Conservative-LibDems Coalition Government, the UK tax-burden has steadily reason (presumably to pay for Britain’s’ contribution to EU and NATO wars), whilst the services we receive have been steadily ‘privatised’, ‘cut’, ‘integrated’, ‘amalgamated’, ‘rationalised’, ‘deskilled’ and rendered ‘redundant’ through the rightwing ideological justification of ‘Austerity’ – an EU initiative designed to uproot Socialism from within ALL EU-Member States. The working class must have their unemployment and health protect removed locally, so that they are forced to ‘migrate’ around the EU as a source of cheap mobile labour. At the sametime life is booming for the already rich middle class (who live in their gated communities policed by private security services), as they receive various ‘free’ incentives such as solar panels for their private homes, and pointless tax-cuts paid for by the poor and vulnerable within British society.

Fewer and fewer working class students are going to university due to the burden of debt generated from Student Loans (recently sold by the British Government to a private debt collection agency), and tuition fees, etc. Until 1988 a ‘free’ university education (paid for through taxation) was a right of every British Citizen, but today (depending upon course) students are leaving university with personal debts of between £20,000 – £80,000 – meaning that they are already in an immense lifetime debt even prior to purchasing a home! This is particularly important as the Thatcher-era also saw the start of selling Council Houses, a policy continued by New Labour and speeded-up by the Tories and LibDems. As very few Council Houses are now being built, other than through Social Service assistance (which is very hard to access nowadays) it is virtually impossible for an ordinary person (or family) to secure Council Accommodation (a demeaning process where disparate people are forced to ‘bid’ for the meagre homes available through telephones lines that charge a fee and make money for the Local Council. Elderly and disabled care has been sold-off to unscrupulous private firms, the managers and employees of which do not receive any criminal record background check, and are generally unqualified, inexperience and desperate for any type of work due to the cuts in Unemployment Benefit. These private healthcare firms gain access to the homes of the elderly, disabled and the vulnerable through Social Service recommendation, as there is nolonger any Government-provided cared at the local level. The UK media since 2010 has reported a plethora of crime committed by managers and care-workers involving allegations of murder, rape, theft, violence and bullying, etc – and yet this rotten system is allowed to persist!

In 2016 the Tories (and LibDems were found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity by the United Nations (UN). It has been estimated that since 2010 around 120,000 British people have died as a direct result of sudden and vicious cuts in healthcare, social services and Benefit support. The Tory British Government has refused to accept the UN judgement, and has forbidden the UK media from broadcasting and discussing this alarming conclusion. Indeed, the UN Investigation stated that the British Media has colluded with the Tories and instigated a ‘demonisation’ of Britain’s disabled population unseen in intensity since the German Media under Adolf Hitler in the 1930s! The Labour Party – under Jeremy Corbyn – although espousing a Socialism of sorts, has not been able to win a General Election, with Jeremy Corbyn being under continuous attack from the same Media that has refused to condemn the suffering caused by Tory ‘Austerity’!

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