Gibson Mausoleum (1777) Sutton


St Nicholas Church – Sutton – London

My mother’s maidan name is ‘Gibson’ and her family did live in London until the bombing of the Eastend during WWII – where the family was relocated to Oxford (the place of my birth). The Gibson name may well be Viking in origin (i.e. ‘Son of Gib’) and probably migrated southward out of Scotland and into England. We do not know whether the occupants of this tomb are relatives or not, but this is important and interesting history nonetheless. This tomb was constructed in 1777 for ‘James Gibson’ (1706-1776), and for the Gibson family (James Gibson was a wealthy wine merchant and Master of the Ironmongers Company). However, it would appear that there are only two occupants – James and his daughter Mary Gibson (1730-1793). Some type of longterm financial arrangement was made by James Gibson (probably with the Church or the Local Authorities) whereby the tomb is inspected each year on August 12th and its interior and exterior kept in good condition. In 2018 this tomb was 241 years old! The tomb is situated in a quiet and peaceful corner of the graveyard and a nearby lane is named ‘Gibson Road’.









0DSC_0120 (1)



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