The Morning Star and the Continuation of Anti-Buddhist Reporting


ARTICLE: The Morning Star and the Continuation of Anti-Buddhist Reporting

The BMA (UK) condemns all forms of fascistic terrorism, whilst recognising the intellectual, emotional and physical right of the working class to appropriately ‘defend’ itself from capitalist misrepresentation and unjust violence. The BMA (UK) (through the academic output of its in-house researcher – Dr Adrian Chan-Wyles) is considered to be the premier commentator in the West against the Christianised (and capitalist) Pro-Tibetan Movement by the Communist Party of China. There is a clear distinction between the genuine ethnic Buddhism of Asia that thrives within grinding poverty and which supports Socialist Revolution, and the ‘new’ bourgeois-supporting Buddhism of the West, and the various lines of ‘Buddho-fascism’ exported from the capitalist West into contemporary Asia. These are clear dialectical facts that are being ignored by the current ‘Eurocentric’ editorship of the Morning Star Newspaper – which continuously (and deliberately) fails to report the correct position of Buddhism a) in the West, and b) within Asia. As a consequence, the (British) Morning Star aligns itself fully with the bourgeois misrepresentation of Buddhism and must be dialectically condemned for this error of interpretation.

Sam King

BMA (UK) – Co-Ordinator

Oxford Collective

The Morning Star is an important part of Communist Britain and belongs to the entirety of the people. It is important that minority or other groups have their say sand that their voice is heard. Buddhism is an important part of the construction of Socialism within Mainland China (alongside Daoism and Confucianism) Throughout Southeast Asia many Buddhist monastics advocate a Socialist Revolution as a means to relieve the grinding poverty there (caused by centuries of imperialism and decades of Western capitalsm). We must all strive to positively improve our understanding and functinality in the world.

Sutton Communists – ML (Southwest) London

Just after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris (and the subsequent mass celebration of capitalism by the EU, US, UK and Israel), I was sat in a Trade Union meeting in London and was astonished to see a copy of UNITY being passed around that called for the support of Charlie Hebdo because in the past it had followed a leftwing line! The fact that it had jusr ran a series of racialised cartoons attacking another ethnicity (and its religion) was completely ignored. Some months later I called to task the Morning Star for publishing a racialised inage of an Arab man. These publications are linked to the Socialist and Communist left which by default resists all forms of fascism. Why then, does this Eurocentric racism continue to appear in these leftwing publications? The answer is that both are following the line of the (naturally racist) bourgeois mainstream press. It is probably the case that these publications do not possess the expertise to properly assess and critique these subjects adequately. The only other explanation is that this misreporting is deliberate.

Adrian Chan-Wyles


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