Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) Guilty of Colluding with War Crimes


Facebook is a social media site that has evolved from connecting a few students on a college campus, to spreading across a large part of the globe connecting individuals, businesses, political regimes and national governments. It is quite rightly ‘banned’ in China, because contrary to its own propaganda (that it is simply a ‘neutral’ online tool for ‘sharing’), it has become a harbinger for US conservatism, rightwingism, racism, neo-imperialism and neo-colonialism. If the Communist Party of China allowed Facebook into every home in China, Chinese Socialism would immediately be undermined by US bourgeois (capitalist) indoctrination, which would attempt to eradicate Chinese Socialist ‘collectivity’ and replace it with bourgeois ‘individualism’, and all the poverty and inequality that the US capitalist system represents and spreads around the world. Communist China is correct in its stance, and it is a stance that other Western countries should follow as a means to compel the FB Directors to ‘de-politicise’ the social media platform they represent, and to reduce or side-line its most obvious capitalistic elements. All this would take is a change in policy decision as social media is be its very nature ‘collectivist’ and Socialist in nature. As matters stand, Mark Zuckerberg (and his team of Directors) are obviously employees of the US government and US Intelligence Services, and ruthlessly pursue the spread and maintenance of US capitalism (and US political system) into all parts of the world, and to the detriment of all other types of political thinking. In this regard, North Korea and Communist China do not allow the minds of their people to become ‘polluted’ by the deliberate and quite destructive US imperialist paradigm that FB represents. Indeed, so arrogant and self-assured are faceless people like Mark Zuckerberg that they do not care about articles such as this (which expose their corruption), because they know the mainstream media serves exactly the same US imperialist project that they do! To Zuckerberg and company, this type of article is probably amusing and viewed as a form of negative publicity, after-all what can I – as an ordinary citizen – do to interrupt the corporate mechanism Zuckerberg represents? The straight answer is ‘nothing’, but what I can do is directly communicate (through writing) to the progressive consciousness of humanity, and like Communist China, completely ignore US imperialism (so that it can eventually die on the vine). In the meantime, Zuckerberg continues to support Israeli (Zionist) terrorism against the Palestinian people and denies publicity to Israelis who condemn the excesses of Zionism, and the worldwide Jewish community that condemns Israeli Zionist atrocities. Zuckerberg also supports US neo-imperialism and neo-colonialism in the Middle East, and actively prevents US military atrocities against Iraqi and Afghan civilians from being better known. Zuckerberg supports the corrupt and tyrannical Saudi Arabian regime which is currently using Western-supplied weaponry to bombard and murder the unarmed population of the Yemen. Zuckerberg censors photographs of US (NATO) troops in Western Ukraine holding-up WWII Nazi German Swastikas whilst standing next to their neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ military colleagues – a regime financed, armed and installed into office in Kiev by the Obama Administration in 2014. On the home-front. However, Zuckerberg is just as duplicitous, with the censoring or playing-down of Trump’s racism and its effects upon non-White populations in the US, but perhaps more telling is Zuckerberg’s active censoring of the true extent of (capitalist) inspired poverty in the US that people of all nationalities are subject to. This underbelly is the true face of capitalism for the majority of US citizens and US controlled colonies such as South Korea and Taiwan. The capitalist system is default set upon making a few (like Zuckerberg) rich and the majority of the people poor – with the poor being bombarded with false propaganda messages that the poverty they suffer is their ‘own’ fault. We must keep notes and record all these atrocities so that a future world can hold the likes of Zuckerberg to account for their crimes. The alternative system of ‘WeChat’ by way of comparison, emanates from Communist China and is an example of a ‘neutral’ social media platform. Anyone can use it – capitalist or Communist – but it does not support capitalism as a policy and does not (as a social network) propagate any Communist rhetoric or ideology. WeChat is entirely ‘neutral’ as a social network and simply operates to connect individuals across the world. This is how FB used to operate before Zuckerberg took the King’s Shilling and joined the destructive capitalist Establishment. Facebook (and Zuckerberg) must stop supporting capitalism and the war crimes of capitalist (and neo-Nazi) Nation States.

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