Banned from Facebook – How Facebook Supports Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine (Updated 10.9.2018)


Pentagon Denounces American Nazis While Arming Ukrainian Nazis

Updated: I posted the above photograph on the Lugansk and Donetsk Soviet Support UK Facebook page this morning (10.9.2018) and it has now been removed by Facebook (together with a quote by George Dimitrov about forming a ‘United Front’ against fascism written in 1935). The far-rightwing political forces behind Facebook represent a ‘new’ fascism that must be fought by the people. Social media belongs to the masses and not to the corporations. On the strength of this investigative reporting, I have also received a 24 hour ban from posting on Facebook.


This article will be uploaded onto my profile by my partner Gee. I have written the following complaint to Facebook:

‘You are breaking British law and International law. A photograph of Western Ukrainian neo-Nazis flying the NATO flag is a legitimate news article. I shall post elsewhere to explain Facebook’s illegal behaviour in this matter. I suggest Facebook stops breaking the law in the UK.’

This is the George Dimitrov quote:

‘Everywhere the fascist reactionaries are feverishly working, from within and without, to prepare, organise and, at a convenient moment, to carry out fascist rebellions and coups d’etat. In order to prepare for a new imperialist war, to seize foreign territories and to subject other nations, in order to ensure the unbridled rule of the most reactionary, rapacious elements of finance capital and to organise a crusade against the Soviet Union, fascism needs to smash the working class.

All adherents of democracy must bear in mind that the fate of anti-fascist democracy in Europe is indissolubly bound up with the fate of the working class, with the establishment of the People’s Front. Democracy will inevitably perish under the blows of the fascist offensive, if it does not rely for support on the working class and the broad masses of the working people, if it is not prepared to defend itself against fascism by every means at its disposal.

The policy of retreating before fascism, both nationally and on an international scale, brings gist to the mill of fascism; it brings distraction to the nations, it means the end of democracy. This policy is equally harmful for those who retreat before fascism inside the country and those states which retreat before it on the international arena.’

George Dimitrov: Against Fascism and War, International Publications, (2002), Page 110

Original Post (13.8.2018): I posted the above photograph probably about a year ago and nothing was said by Facebook Admin.This pictures shows US (NATO) soldiers posing with the neo-Nazi ‘Azov’ Battalion of the ‘Maidan’ fascist regime of Western Ukraine. The US (NATO) soldiers are proudly holding-up a German swastika flag from WWII! Within a minute of re-posting the above image (which was verified authentic by the Pentagon), FB forcibly logged me out of my account and made me log in. This is what I discovered:


I think this is a prime example of FB supporting neo-Nazism around the world, and US aggression and racism, as well as Israeli Zionism. It is important to make a record of these fascist events and to keep an eye on those who think they control use and run the world!


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