Capitalism is the Essence of Fake News…


To put it quite simply, the class that holds power through the ownership of the means of production, decides what the State decrees as ‘truth’ and ‘lies’. This is decided by always generating a reality that best serves the interests of that ruling class. Capitalism is premised upon a set of lies or untruths that are presented as their opposites. Capitalism is unfair, but is always presented as being fair. Capitalism is dishonest, but is always presented as being honest. Capitalism is destructive, but is always presented as constructive. capitalism pursues naked greed, but is always presented as altruistic. Capitalism only exists to accumulate profit within private hands, but is presented as spreading wealth. Capitalism is essentially ignorant, but is always presented as being wise and all-knowing. Capitalism does care for humanity or any other form of life, but is always presented as being generous and compassionate. Capitalism represents everything evil within the human psyche, but is always presented as being the apex of human good. Capitalism ignores the need for scientific development, but is always presented as being the vanguard of scientific endeavour. Capitalism sees no point in artistic endeavour, but is always ready to exploit the work of artists. Capitalists despise Socialism, because Socialism exposes capitalism inside out, and educates the victims of capitalism as to the true nature of their oppression. Capitalism does not care for the medical well-being of the people, but is always presented as being the impetus behind all medical breakthroughs. Capitalism is a gigantic lie that survives by appealing to the lowest common denominator within human nature. When its rotten heart is exposed in the bright light of day, its deception slowly fades away – but continuous greed is difficult to combat – particularly when the capitalists control the media, political system, education system and all advertising. Within the capitalist system, everything is geared toward deceiving the consumer into buying things they do not want, and to keep buying things they do not need. The political system of the capitalists prefers those activities which make profits – such as wars – and will interpret all news so as to generate the conditions for continuous conflict. This is conflict between classes (within a country), and between classes in the international arena. It is important for the bourgeoisie to keep the working class disunited and fighting itself through the fictions that are Nation States. Objective truth is distorted to serve the political ends of the capitalist system, even to the point that we have now arrived at, where the exposure of this capitalist habit is now declared ‘fake news’ by the corporations and their establishment friends! This is a concerted attack upon objective truth by the capitalist system, which seeks to ‘lie’ its way out trouble by simply ‘banning’ or ‘ridiculing’ any attempts that reveal its corruption. A quick example of this process is the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime operating out of Kiev (Western Ukraine). This regime historically traces its roots to the Nazi German occupation of that part of the former USSR, and was funded and armed in 2014 by President Barak Obama, the UK and the EU. This regime has committed war crimes and other atrocities, and is currently attacking the independent ‘Socialist States’ od Lugansk and Donetsk (in Eastern Ukraine). However, as the capitalist West prefers war over peace, and capitalism over Socialism, the ‘Maidan’ regime has been branded a ‘free republic’ legitimately fighting Russian influence in the area.Any attempt at exposing the falsity of the Western position is met with the allegation of ‘fake news’, but this position of the capitalists is nothing more than the inverted mind-set of the Judeo-Christian religion they favour (which misinterprets reality by mistaking thoughts in the head for physical objects in the material world). This is a demonstration of the inherent evil of the capitalist system, and how it projects its own corruption out onto the world, accusing others of being like itself. I say no to this deception. We must all keeping following the example of Marx, and use the human mind the right way around to thoroughly uproot the rotten core of capitalist malevolence!

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