Well Done Russia – World Cup 2018!

Soviet Stamp Celebrating England’s World Cup Victory (1966)

As I detest capitalism, there is much about the injustices suffered by the modern Russian people which I cannot stomach. The Russian people (and there allies) had the future in their hands during the era of the Soviet Union. The petty rivalries of capitalism were eradicated, and the Soviet people were taught to appreciate outstanding achievement and view humanity as a single species moving toward a common goal (of World Communism). In this spirit, the Soviet Union issued a stamp in 1966 to celebrate England’s World Cup victory! How different the Soviets treated us then, to how we in Europe and the US treat the Russians today! The US and EU want to destroy even capitalist Russia because it refuses a Rothschild central bank. The warmongering, the anti-Slavic racism and the disinformation has been intense, breathtaking and extremely dangerous to humanity. It is only because of the level-headedness of President Putin that the world has not been plunged into WWIII – and yet the Russian nation has organised (and held) a superb World Cup tournament in 2018. I think it is also fitting that the neo-Nazi Croatian team has been beaten 4:2 by France in the final. Of course, I think it disgusting that the BBC and ITV make their White, Black and Asian presenters remain ‘silent’ about Croatia’s fascist tendencies, and offer no criticism of that modern, Hitlerite nation.

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