Goodbye to Unite the Union!


The CPB (quite rightly) advises Members (if possible) to join a union and show Solidarity with the working class. As an academic, I joined Unite – and did not mind financially contributing a modest annual amunt to fund their various (and worthwhile) projects. However, as time went by, I found that my activism for the CPB did not allow me time to participate in Unite affairs, and my contact was reduced to an occasional email. When I did need to contact Unite, my requests or enquiries were either ignored, or poorly answered months later. I also came to recognise that like many unions in the UK today, Unite is a Trotskyite entity – which I cannot support – knowing how divisive that fascistic ideology really is. Recently, Unite have been pushing a book by George Orwell (the arch Trotskyite) who in 1940, reviewed Mein Kampf – stating that he ‘admired Hitler’! I sent the following resignation email last night – and received the quickest reply I have ever received from Unite! Down with Trotskyism and onward to liberation!

Dear Unite

I would be very grateful if my Membership of Unite be cancelled immediately. As a Communist, I am unhappy with the Trotskyite tendencies of Unite, and the fact that when I have requested help or information, nothing constructive has been forthcoming. Furthermore, when attending a Unite meeting for Communists some time ago, we were advised to ‘hide’ our Communist Membership. When we enquired about the Unite Bus at London Gay Pride – our enquiry was ignored. Finally, I made a post on behalf of Sutton Communists ML – (Southwest) London on one of the Unite posts asking what the NHS meant to us. As Communists we know the Labour Party borrowed the idea from the Soviet Union – but our respectful post was deleted.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Yours sincerely


Adrian Wyles

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