Unqualified Civilians in Nursing Uniforms – Britain’s Hitlerite Phase (2010-2018)


New Labour (in power from 1997-2010) continued the Thatcherite dismantling of the British NHS, and introduced ‘charging’ for elderly people for the extra care needed in old age – which these people had already paid for when they were young – through collective taxation whilst working. New Labour empowered Local Councils to seize the savings of the elderly upon their passing, or take control (and sell) any property these people owned. This has continued under the Tory-LibDems Junta from 2010 to present, and has seen the elderly ‘charged’ for appallingly low standards of care. Although it is true that some people have successfully ‘challenged’ this charging in the Courts (it is illegal for an elderly person with disabilities to be ‘charged’ for their care), must old people, due to their vulnerability, simply allow a substantial amount to be ‘stolen’ from their meagre Old Age Pension by Social Services. Where elderly care was originally provided ‘free at the point of use’, its privatisation has seen the springing-up of so-called ‘healthcare’ businesses, all competing for Social Services contracts, which are won by offering the greater amount of services for the lowest price.

These changes have coincided with the privatisation of the NHS (and the rapid ‘de-skilling’ of its staff), the cutting of the Welfare State, and a prolonged and sustained (Tory) government-led demonisation campaign against Britain’s disabled community (a combined policy that has killed around 120,000 people to date). It used to be the case that anyone working in any aspect of the NHS (which included elderly care) had to have a university education, be properly qualified, and possess the correct experience to do the required job. This is nolonger the case. Private health firms are recruiting desperate (and unqualified) unemployed people into their ranks, dressing them in a ‘nurseing’ uniform, and deploying them throughout the community to carry-out numerous healthcare functions. Social Services collude with this criminal activity by hiring these private healthcare firms, knowing full well that the wage bill is low because these people are not properly qualified. The attitude since 2010 in the UK, is that the elderly and the disabled that need care as vulnerable human beings, are somehow trying to ‘defraud’ the British State, and must be treated with ‘suspicion’ and ‘disrespect’. Furthermore, disabled people have had their Benefits cut and been forced into the workforce (without possessing any suitable kills or abilities), it is not uncommon to see disabled people dressed in nursing uniforms and being forced to look after other disabled people! This rightwing direction of the British State smirks of Hitlerism, whereby the undesirable in society are eradicated through cuts in resources and over-work. This is a chapter of British history that is shameful in the extreme, and which has definite parallels with the history of Nazi Germany.

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