Master Xu Yun’s Virtue Exposes NTD-TV Lies and Corruption!

Master Xu Yun (back left) 113 Years Old (1953)

Li Hongzhi is a CIA operative currently living a life of luxury in the US, whilst heading the criminal Falun Gong Cult and its media off-shoots of the New Tang Dynasty TV, The Epoch Times and the Shen Yun Performing Arts Group. These all have their origins in the US and due to their racist basis and blatant misrepresentation of Chinese history and culture, all are ‘banned’ within Mainland China. I have written elsewhere about the sheer scale and depth of Li Hongzhi’s criminality, but in this article I want to tackle a false rhetorical position that the NTD-TV adopts in relation to Chinese Buddhism. Basically, NTD-TV, guided as it is by White American racist attitudes, tries to present Chinese Buddhism as being as corrupt as Christianity in the West (with its paedophile and raping priesthood). In the NTD-TV article I am referencing below, the photographs included are of actors in Taiwan ‘paid’ to dress-up as Buddhist (and Tibetan) Buddhist monks, and then directed to act our various fictional scenes involving courting women, drinking alcohol and indulging in other forms of ill discipline. These scenes are then filmed and photographed, and this ‘fake’ material distributed throughout the Falun Gong Cult network to be used in the various waves of disinformation about China. This happens in part due to the fact that Li Hongzhi claims to be a ‘Living Buddha’ despite what he teaches having no relation to Buddhist philosophy. His function is to present a White lie about Chinese Communism and Chinese Buddhism, and turn world opinion against modern China.

It is interesting that the only place the NTD-TV could find ethnic Chinse people to denigrate Chinese Buddhsm is in the US colony of Taiwan. This capitalist (renegade) island has immense poverty and inequality, but the small (Christian-friendly) Chinese middle class that runs the island with an iron grip, mimics its White counter-part, and is willing to destroy Chinese culture in the process. There is no other place on earth where ethnic Chinese people would participate in an attack upon Mainland China, even if individuals disagreed with Socialism! A brief history lesson is required here, to remind the world of the purity of Mainland Chinese Buddhism. In 1952, the Communist Party of China (CPC) re-established the China Buddhism Association. Buddhists from all over China were invited to Beijing and thousands gathered under the leadership of the Great Ch’an Master Xu Yun (1840-1959). Although he refused the Presidency of the Association, he was so well known and respected that everyone present (including Zhou Enlai and Mao Zedong) deferred to his guidance and opnion. A group of Chinese Buddhist monks who had been living in Japan returned to China – together with their Japanese wives and children. When these monks had first travelled to Japan they followed the Vinaya Discipline (which demands celibacy), but as Japanese Buddhist monks are allowed to get married and not follow Buddhist morality, these Chinese monks had become corrupt. It is believed that they were ordered from Japan to China because of US interests, as a means to attack the purity of Chinese Buddhism. Master Xu Yun listened to the demand of these monks, who suggested that China should follow the example of ‘modern’ Japan and abolish the need for monks and nuns to follow the Vanaya Discipline.

Suddenly, Master Xu Yun struck the top of the table with his palm (which made everyone jump!), and stated that the immorality of the imperial Japanese had been clear for all to see during their invasion of China (from 1931-1945), and that the heart of Buddhism was the Vinaya Discipline. Master Xu Yun demanded that instead of abolishing the Vinaya Discipline, the new government of China should write it into to the new legal system, making the Vinaya Discipine a legal requiremen for all monks and nuns to follow. A Buddhist monastic found guilty of breaking the Vinaya Discipline would be expelled from the Sangha and then sentenced to a prison term. Zhou Enlai looked at Mao Zedong – who nodded his agreement – and Master Xu Yun’s directions were recorded into law. This is why today, Communist China is the only country in the world to have made following the Vinaya Discipline a legal requirement for Buddhist monks and nuns (rather than a voluntary undertaking).

NTD-TV Reference Article:

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