Immortals in Sunglasses – Li Hongzhi and his Identity Crisis!

The Mysterious ‘DF’ is Li Hongzhi

Original Chinese Language Article By: (Editor) Xu Hu (徐虎)

(Translation and Research by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: The so-called ‘Shen Yun Performing Arts Group’ was founded in 2006 as part of the ongoing US opposition to the Socialist regime of Mainland China. In this regard, it is nothing more than an extension of the dangerous activities of the Falun Gong Cult. Recruiting exclusively in the US, there are currently ‘five’ Shen Yun troupes touring the world at any one time. As the Falun Gong Cult is outlawed in China, most right-minded Chinese people tend to ignore it, but of course, in the West, where anti-China racism fuels the debate, one or two might be misguided enough to openly get involved with this criminal outfit. This is why Shen Yun has to rely upon a ‘multi-ethnic’ dance staff to hide the fact that ethnic Chinese know better than to support a dangerous cult. Invariably, the Shen Yun literature claims that a mysterious ‘DF’ founded the Shen Yun, but accompanying this name is a photograph of Li Hongzhi – paid CIA informer and founder of the Falun Gong Cult! Li Hongzhi seems to think that the sunglasses he is wearing somehow obscures his real identity! As he believes he is ‘Immortal’, perhaps his psychic powers prevent the common sense in others from operating properly!  (ACW 21.5.2018)

The Great Master Li Hongzhi thinks he is a ‘Divine Being’ and an ‘Immortal’! Whilst his delusion knows no bounds, he has granted the honour of feeding and sustaining him to the American people, resources he certainly has not earned. This hypocrisy is so profound that it makes one feel physically sick! He now wears sunglasses like a rock-star or famous actor, (of course, in a perverse way he is both of these things), but the main reason is that he believes his inner strength is so strong that it must be mediated by dark lenses as it enters the world!

On April 6th (2017), Kaifeng Network reported a story dated March 26th (2017), which stated that one Michael Duell – a reader from phoenix, Arizona – contacted the Arizona Central Network (, stating that ‘DF’ as advertised within Shen Yun literature was none other than Li Hongzhi himself! Li Hongzhi, the leader of the Falun Gong cult, is known by the pseudonym ‘DF’, and is ‘the promoter behind the scenes’ of the Shen Yun dance troupe.  What is strange about this is that the photograph tries to give the air of great artistic mastery, but it is well-known tat when small, Li Hongzhi was no good at art (or design), and that his mother – Lu Shuzhen (芦淑珍) – had to help him when he attempted to play the trumpet!

The implication is that this ‘genius’ ‘Great Buddha’ and ‘Immortal Spirit’ has been directing Shen Yun from behind the scenes for 20 years – presumably using his magical powers at a distance – as he has never been seen at any rehearsals or performances. the initials ‘DF’ appear to stand for ‘Da Fa’ (大法) or ‘Great Dharma’ – simply because this is the manner in which Li Hongzhi sees himself. He thinks he is a god with divine powers that whilst acting in a Eurocentric manner, is somehow representing 5000 years of traditional Chinese history – he is not! The above picture has been slightly photo-shopped, but nevertheless, apart from adding a ‘rosy tint’, Li Hongzhi’s actual features are clear for all to see. Of course, his greying hair was dyed for the picture, or perhaps air-brushed out, whatever the case, Li Hongzhi is nothing but a demonic influence in the world, expressing this corruption through the Shen Yun performances.

What must not be forgotten is that Li Hongzhi, his Falun Gong Cult, and his Shen Yun dance troupe, are nothing but criminal entities that misuse religion and spirituality to abuse, hurt,mislead and kill people. A point that needs to be stressed is that thousands upon thousands of Li Hongzhi disciples have died due to his false instructions and criinal activity. He is not a ‘Great Buddha’, but a deluded individual incharge of a dangerous cult which is supported by the US! This is particularly true when key disciples ‘Zhen Guo’ (振国) and ‘Jin Zhenghao’ (金正浩) both died of ill-health at relatively young ages. After this, Li Hongzhi, fearing exposure for the fraud that he is, retreated ever further into the shadows where he exercises his malignant influence over the weak and vulnerable.

Li Hongzhi, hiding behind the scenes, advocates ‘no tolerance’ to the world. Under Li Hongzhi’s planning and manipulation, his Falun Gong Cult attacked the Beijing TV station in May 1998, raided the Tianjin Institute of Education on April 18th, 1999, and lay siege at Zhongnanhai on April 25th. Interestingly, whilst orchestrating all this ‘terrorist’ activity with the support of the US, Li Hongzhi tried to convince the world that he had nothing to do with this violence – even though he still maintained that he ‘knew’ everything and possessed the power to effect events at a long distance! Whilst his followers (and their victims) suffered for his deluded orders, Li Hongzhi carried-on being wined and dined by the US government. As a corrupt being, Li Hongzhi has to encourage his misled disciples without actually being able to prove that he possesses the powers he claims. This is not hard, as he demands total obedience from his cult members. There must be an unquestioning following of his orders or action is taken against the non-believers. The next time you are spending £100 on aShen Yun ticket, just pause and think about where your money is going!

Original Chinese Language Source Text:

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