Sutton Communists – ML (Southwest London)


FACEBOOK: Sutton Communists – ML (Southwest London)

A non-revisionist and progressive space for Marxist-Leninists to intellectually and dialectically express Socialist and Communist viewpoints. A Marxist-Leninist perspective of happenings in the rightwing, bourgeois London Borough of Sutton. As we do not participate in elections or raise money, we are not interested in popularity – only providing a leftist interpretation of reality at the local, national and international level. Sutton Communists – ML is a family collective including friends, acquaintances, colleagues and enquirers, many of whom may or may not be Members of various (non-Trotskyite) Socialist or Communist Parties. Anyone may join from anywhere, as Membership is informal and is reliant upon sincerity of effort and clarity of vision. The official Red Flag of the Sutton Communists – ML is the Soviet pre-1980 version – which is red and carries a golden coloured star, hammer and sickle on both sides. However, any version of this Soviet Red Flag is accepted and encouraged, particularly those carrying the images of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao, etc. This is because the Soviet Red Flag (and its Soviet variants) belong to humanity and no particular faction of the fragmented Communist Movement. In this regard, flags that have been altered to represent these post-1991 Communist factions cannot be used to represent Sutton Communists – ML – as these flags have been designed to represent distinct and definite Communist factions, most of which assume the leadership of World Communism, but which in reality have a Membership of only a few hundred. Sutton Communists – ML, by way of contrast, represents the ongoing and unfolding dialectic of Scientific Socialism, and is designed as a non-revisionist political and educational vehicle for the Proletariat, and nothing more. This requires self-education, self-organisation, and self-discipline as a class striving toward a peaceful World Revolution and the progression and evolution of humanity!

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