Illogical Dialectics and the Labour Party


The recent attacks on Labour are dialectically irrational, but this is in-part to do with Labour’s schizophrenic approach to politics. Labour is a party that emerged out of the 2nd ‘Socialist’ International that transitioned into the 3rd ‘Communist’ International – founded by Lenin in 1919. However, Labour’s leading lights at the time ‘rejected’ Communism and expelled the old Socialists who had become Communists by redefinition. It is true that for a time, individual Labour MPs were selected and elected who were Communists, but this was discouraged and virtually disappeared after WWII – when Labour fell in-line with the US anti-Communist Cold War campaign. As a consequence, whilst retaining a Red Flag and making vague promises alluding to Socialism, the elephant in the room is that Labour refuses to condemn capitalism, or encourage the working class to overthrow it. Of course, this is a Labour Party ‘rejection’ of not only Marxist-Leninism (i.e. ‘Communism’), but also Classical Marxism (i.e. ‘Marx-Engelsism’), which logically suggests a Labour Party ‘rejection’ of all forms of leftist ‘Socialism’, other than its ‘utopian’ variant advocated by the left of the Judeo-Christian tradition. This means that Labour ‘rejects’ the Marxist ideology that racism has its roots within the exploitative division of labour that defines the capitalist system. As this is the case, Labour finds itself adopting the bourgeois response of sentimentalism and token politics. Instead of dealing with the root of ALL racism (i.e. ‘capitalism’), Labour prefers to adopt a defensive position and advocate a stifling of debate, and the enforcement of already existing (and inadequate) laws. As long as capitalism exists, it will generate citizens who hold racist views, and who are victims of racist views. According to Marx, the conditions that generate racism will only end when predatory capitalism is over-thrown (bear in-mind that Tony Blair referred to Enoch Powell as a ‘great man’). Although racism manifests evenly across British society, it is something of a virtuous identifier for the British rightwing and far-right (often the same thing). For the average Tory, LibDems or fascist supporter, racism is often conflated with ‘nationalism’ and ‘love of country’. The British rightwing is the natural home of ALL kinds of capitalist-produced racism in the UK – including anti-Semitism. There is a small number of racists in the Labour Party because capitalism exists within the Labour Party, but these racists are not there because the Labour Party advocates racism, far from it. This is different to the Tories or LibDems, where holding ‘appropriate’ racist views guarantees access and membership.

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