Positive Images of Mainland China and Their ‘Banning’ in the West!


About a year ago, I was contacted by a journalist who told me about a Dalai Lama visit to the Oxford (UK), The Dalai Lama had stayed in a hotel room and given a speech about veganism. Later, when back at his hotel room, the Dalai Lama and his entourage had ordered and consumed a larger platter of ‘ham sandwiches’ – apparently laughing and joking about the irony of it all! Interestingly, the Guardian at that time allowed a letter to be printed in its correspondance page covering this behaviour. Today, of course, the Guardian is nolonger leftwing and fully endorses a rightwing attack on China, as in the UK (and US) guidelines have been issued by the State to all news outlets stating that the Dalai Lama (and the Pro-Tibetan Movement) must be reported at all times in a ‘positive’ light, and that Communist China has to be presented in a ‘negative’ manner. As this journalist refused to follow this State sponsored interfering with the news, his article did not see the light of day in the mainstream press. Later, after reading some of my anti-Pro-Tibetan work on the Buddhist – Marxism Alliance (UK), this journalist contacted me and forwarded a copy of his article entitled Dalai Lama – Buddhism’s Lance Armstrong. A recent develop has seen the PRC engage with Western social media and combat this ‘banning’ of positive images by posting their good news for all to see. You can access the CCTV Channel on Youtube, for example, and the informative ChinaFacts on Facebook. In the meantime, I attach a ‘positive’ image of Chinese people expressing pride about the scientific achievements of their ‘Socialist’ country.

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