The Buddha Rejects Islamophobia


Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world. By non-hatred alone is hatred appeased. This is a law eternal.

The Buddha – Dhammapada (Chapter 1 – Verse 5)

Buddhist monks (of the Theravada School) throughout Southeast Asia, who continuously (or even momentarily) use social media for spreading Islamophobic literature, are not only playing into the hands of rightwing, capitalist Western governments, but are breaking their Vinaya Discipline, breaking the Buddha’s instruction contained within the Suttanas (i.e. Dhamma), contradicting the wise advice contained within the Abhidhamma, and as a member of the Ordained Sangha, misleading the lay-Buddhist community. There is no argument about this.

The unwise, fools who are enemies to themselves, go about committing sinful deeds which produce bitter fruits.

The Buddha – Dhammapada (Chapter 5 – Verse 66)

These monks are corrupt and should be expelled from the Ordained Sangha inaccordance with the guidance retained within the Vinaya Discipline. These so-called ‘Buddhist Monastics’, who are held in high esteemed by the often impoverished and poorly educated laity, do not uproot greed, hatred and delusion (as is their primary mission for their own mind and body, and society around them), but are actively engaged in the non-Buddhist practice of encouraging and nurturing greed, hatred and delusion in their own mind and body, and in the minds and bodies of those around them. This is not Buddhism. This is the grave offense of impure activity (of the mind and body), and represents the exact opposite or inverse of the Buddha’s teaching.

If a man commits evil let him not repeat it again and again, let him not delight in it, for the accumulation of sin brings suffering.

The Buddha – Dhammapada (Chapter 9 – Verse 117)

These types of Buddhist monks use Western social media to propagate their ignorance. Not only do they have a corruptive influence upon their local lay community, but as they also express their ‘aDhammic’ teachings in English, this message of hatred can be electronically spread throughout world (via the internet) and reinforce the race-hate and prejudice against Islam that already exists in the West. Why is this happening? It would be reassuring to assume that such a phenomenon is due to one or two rogue elements within the Sangha, but after witnessing this activity on the internet over a number of years, I have seen such perverted teachings emanate from the minds of elderly monks in positions of authority and influence. It seems to me that the Buddhist Schools are engaged in following government policy and this can be seen in Thailand. Sri Lanka and Burma.

He who leads a life in the company of fools suffers long; it is painful to live with fools as it is with a foe; associated with the wise brings happiness; association with the wise brings happiness as does the company of one’s kinsfolk.

The Buddha – Dhammapada (Chapter 15 – Verse 207)

This would suggest that a secular government is unduly influencing the Ordained Sangha, and aligning that body with Western notions of Islamophobia. Asian governments pandering to Western Islamophobic tendencies, is probably (and directly) linked to the granting of substantial foreign aid packages (primarily issued by the USA). However, even if this is the case, there is no reason why individual Buddhist monks should deliberately (and with malice of fore-thought) ‘break’ their Vinaya Discipline and allow their minds to become sullied by worldly matters. There is no conflict between Buddhism and Islam when both spiritual paths are functioning correctly. Buddhist monks should keep their minds and behaviours free of greed, hatred and delusion, and follow the Buddha’s advice of perpetuating loving kindness and compassion throughout the world. In the meantime, if you encounter members of the Ordained Sangha propagating greed, hatred and delusion, tell them exactly what you think.

He who injures living beings is not an Ariya (noble). By non-violence towards all living beings one becomes an Ariya.

The Buddha – Dhammapada (Chapter 19 – Verse 270)

Show them this essay if you wish. They are corrupt human-beings who are adding to the suffering of humanity, and assisting in the reduction of humanity. If you are a Buddhist (but even of you are not), if you know a blameless Islamic community, be kind to these individuals. Do not hurt them and seek a peaceful coexistence. This is the Way of the Buddha.

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