SCRSS: Lenin in Oxford (8.11.2017)


Lenin: Leader of the Russian Revolution

Society for Co-operaton in Russian and Soviet Studies (SCRSS)

Soviet War Memorial

Oxford is the place of my birth. I was born in Oxford because Adolf Hitler bombed my mother’s (Indge) family out of (Lewisham) East London during WWII. the British Government sent my family to Oxford because a relative was already living there. Oxford is renowned for its veneration of learning, and retains a healthy leftwing (and radical) intellectual movement. From the 8th – 18th of November, 2017, the Society for Co-operaton in Russian and Soviet Studies (SCRSS) held a very successful ten-day exhibition entitled ‘Lenin – Leader of the Russian Revolution’ at the North Wall Gallery, Oxford. Around 100 people attended the opening, and 1000 passed through the doors before its run came to a conclusion. What is interesting is how groups of local schoolchildren were taken to see this exhibition and positively learn about one of the greatest events in world history. SCRSS is responsible for administering the Soviet War Memorial situated in the grounds of the Imperial War Museum, London.

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