JFK – the Soviet View


A current righting delusion in the US states that President Donald Trump had all the JFK Assassination  Files ‘released’ because of his own curiosity and an innate thirst for the ‘truth’ – this is incorrect. In fact, another rightwing warmonger – President George HW Bush – (following the public interest sparked by the 1991 releasr of Oliver Stone’s film ‘JFK’) signed into law the ‘President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act’ on October 26th, 1992, which stipulated that all relevent files on this subject must be made ready and released into the public domain by October, 2017. President Trump is simply following the established law and is NOT responsible for the release of these files.

According to the 2,800 files released so far, the following points of interests have been established regarding the position of the USSR toward the assassination of President Kennedy (I have added Russian-language sources which support these conclusions):

1) The position of the USSR was that President John F Kennedy was a ‘progressive’ who was willing to compromise and negotiate with the Communist Bloc, and seek-out a positive ‘common ground’ for peaceful interaction between capitalist and Socialist models of existence. The death of Kennedy, therefore, was considered a tragedy in Moscow (despite an increase in Cold War rhetoric and the recent ‘Bay of Pigs’ [failed] invasion of Cuba, and the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’).

2) The FBI and/or CIA gained intelligence which stated that the murder did not involve Communist Cuba or the USSR, and that on the contrary, the USSR was concerned that with the murder of JFK being blamed on the Soviet Union, a US General might decide to fire nuclear missiles at Moscow out of a misplaced sense of revenge.

3) Soviet Intelligence countered with the opinion that an ultra-rightwing Clique (led by Lyndon Johnson) had conspired to kill President Kennedy as he was considered ‘soft’ on Communism.

4) The CIA did not agree that a ‘single gunman’ had killed Kennedy – and only followed this ‘official’ line in public. It was ‘unclear’ whether Lee Harvey Oswald was a) involved in the shooting, and b) if involved, had operated alone or with others. The CIA knew Lee Harvey Oswald could speak Russian, was a Member of the Communist Party and had known contacts with Soviet Officials, and yet he was allowed to roam freely throughout the USA. This has led to speculation that he may have been a ‘double agent’ working for US and ‘set up’ to take responsibility for the murder of JFK (thus protecting the actual assassins).

5) It was J Edgar Hoover (the Head of the FBI) who propagated the ‘myth’ of Oswald being the ‘lone gunman’. In fact, the JFK Files suggest that Lee Harvey Oswald was ‘innocent’ and had nothing to do with the murder of President Kennedy. Indeed, Oswald was a ‘Socialist’ and had travelled to the UK, Scandanavia and the Soviet Union. However, far from being an ‘enemy’ of the Kennedy family, Oswald worked for Robert Kennedy and served him loyally, even preventing earlier assassination attempts planned against JFK. Oswald had suffered a psychological breakdown in the USSR and received medical help before being given a flat and a job in Minsk. He was taken under the wing of ‘Stanislav Shushkevich’ (Станислав Шушкевич), who taught him to speak Russian and how live and work in the USSR. Stanislav Shushkevich would later become the first President of an independent Belarus. Oswald was known to be a quiet person dedicated to the serious study of Scientific Socialism.

6) For decades, the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA)  was viewed as being under the direct control of the USSR, and served as an internal security threat. The US rightwing clique was preparing to publically blame the CPUSA for colluding with, or carrying-out the assassination. This fabricated allegation would then be used as the reason to ‘ban’ the CPUSA altogether, and simultaneously ‘cut-off’ all diplomatic relations with the USSR.

7) This action would serve as a prelude to a full-scale military invasion of Cuba, and open military aggression against the USSR (and Communist Bloc).

8) This US rightwing clique implicitly believed that President Kennedy had ‘secret’  connections with the CPUSA, and that this Communist influence had served to ‘disarmed’ the Kennedy Administration, steering the US on to a path of ‘peaceful coexistence’ with the USSR – a path considered ‘un-American’ by the US rightwing clique.

9) A formerly ‘hidden’ medical report states that there were at least two entry wounds to President Kennedy’s head – one at the back (that had killed him), and another in through the throat. The throat shot aligned with a bullet hole found in the windscreen of the car, and suggests a shooter situated on the over-pass.

Russian Language Sources:



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