Beware Dishonest Trotskyite Fascists!


This documentary dishonestly borrows the critique of capitalism from Karl Marx and his ground-breaking ‘Das Kapital’ – but never credits Marx or overtly explains that Marx remains the only intellectual in history to expose capitalism in this manner. This would suggest the ‘entryism’ of Trotskyites, but also confirms what might be termed ‘hyper-individualism’ (associated with such movements as rightwing Anarchism). As bourgeois individualism is a consequence of the capitalist division of labour, this documentary supports the capitalist system, whilst appearing to criticise certain, or specific aspects of it. Early US presidents such as James Madison and Andrew Jackson were not ‘anti-capitalist’ (as neither advocated any type of ‘Socialism’), but anti-internationalist banking system (a symptom of early US ‘isolationism’), and remained opposed to ‘national’ or ‘central’ banks remaining in the hands of private individuals. The dishonesty continues in this documentary by suggesting the Russian Czars were opposed to capitalism – they most certainly were not – or that the British invaded the USA in a vicious war of expansionism. It is not that the British were not ‘expansionist – they most certainly were – but in 1812 it was the United States that had ‘declared war’ on Great Britain because of its imperialist control of the seas, and its equally imperialist operations of ‘closed markets’.

The Soviet-Communism section is ahistorical and incorrect. In 1918, the US, UK, Germany (and 11 other capitalist countries) invaded Revolutionary Russia to protect the Czar (and the money afforded to him), whilst attempting to destroy Bolshevism. All capitalist debts in Russia were wiped-out by Lenin in Russia (as they were in every truly ‘Socialist’ countries), and as a punishment, all capitalist governments (and the international banking system) excluded the USSR from any and all international trade and financial aid. The same has happened to ALL Socialist countries including China, Vietnam and Cuba. There is no reliable objective evidence that Lenin (or Mao) was given any international money – in fact, the exact opposite is true. The ignoring of Western racism and imperialism across the world, and espousing of a bourgeois individualism, demonstrates the ‘Trotskyite’ nature of this documentary which carefully weaves fact and anti-Scientific Socialist fiction together.

Beware of anti-Semitism. Although it is true that banking families such as the Rothschilds have undue influence across the world, this fact should be honestly and objectively studied free of any notion of anti-Jewish racism. Not all bankers are Jewish, and not all Jews support capitalism. A concise criticism of the privately owned international banking system must be free of any notions of racism, if it is to be academically viable. As the documentary makers have blatantly ‘lied’ about International Communism, it is logical to assume that in this more than 3 hour documentary which conveys a bewildering array of information, certain aspects will be wrong, and designed to serve an equally false central narrative. Jews are not the problem – capitalism is. This documentary aims to swamp the average viewer with so many apparent facts that its central narrative (that ‘Jews’ and ‘Communists’ are bad), is never questioned. The length of this documentary (not uncommon in ‘new world order’ narratives) is part of the deception. This amalgam of apparent facts appears authoritative and the final word on the matter, as most people do not possess the time, education or ability to deconstruct such a narrative. In this regard, such racist and anti-Socialist narratives constitute an often engaging and entertaining form of rightwing (i.e. ‘fascistic’) propaganda designed to continue predatory capitalism and not to curtail it. The Trotskyite fascists behind this documentary do not want to remove ‘capitalism’ from human society, but rather Jewish bankers from within capitalism. This is nothing but the continuation of Hitlerite disinformation and must be opposed by every true Socialist.


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