The US Behind the Panama Papers


President Obama – the first African-American President in US history – openly supported the ‘Madan’ neo-Nazi insurgency in Western Ukraine (in 2014) without any shadow of irony. President Obama also voted against a United Nations Resolution ‘banning’ the glorification of neo-Nazism (2014), He also presided over an Administration that saw the ‘White’ police force murder unarmed ‘Black’ people at an incredible rate – and he did nothing. In 2015, the so-called ‘Panama Papers’ were released by a consortium of US billionaires in 2015 – again under the Obama Administration – and funded by George Soros, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Carnegie Foundation. The Panama Papers appear to be a bizarre attempt by Obama to mimic Cold War intrigue, and attack the perceived ‘enemies’ of the United States. Capitalism is corrupt a priori, and the rich hire ‘accountants’ as a means to retain as much of their money as possible, by paying as least tax as possible. This is how people like President Obama and George Soros became rich in the first-place. Tax avoidance is lawful, whilst tax evasion is a crime. The Panama Papers supposedly reveal that many incredibly rich people in the world appear to be perpetuating the illegal act of ‘tax evasion’ through off-shore banking and the use of false front dummy corporations, etc. Of course, all this is being carried-out not so much by the rich people involved, but rather by their accountants and lawyers. Wikileaks has confirmed that the US Government is behind the Panama Papers – and has targeted President Putin (who in fact is not mentioned once in the Panama Papers), and supposedly various members of the Communist Party of China. Both the Kremlin and Beijing have rejected the allegations and termed the Panama Papers ‘fake news’. This entire exercise exposes the shocking lack of education that abounds in the US, where a group of corrupt capitalists can conspire to ‘fabricate’ a tissue of lies that falsely accuses other world leaders of being as ‘corrupt’ as they are themselves! It is almost beyond belief that 50 years ago the US Administration accused its enemies of being ‘Communist’, whereas today they are accused of being ‘capitalist’! Finally, the ‘Panama Papers’ may have been a half-baked attempt at combating Wikileaks – a misconstrued exercise in Obama propaganda that lacks the moral integrity that underlies Wikileaks. At the end of the day, ‘greed’ and ‘self-interest’ are the basis of the capitalist system and it makes no difference when this system is exposed for what it is.

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