Zero-Hours – Labour’s Failure – and Modern Slavery


A friend of mine has said that since Labour lost the last election – things have got far worse for most ordinary workers on ‘zero hours’ contracts. He is continuously threatened with the sack if he doesn’t turn-up at a moment’s notice (day or night) for a well-known super-market chain. The management have made it clear that should he exercise his right of taking time off – he will be sacked. Since the election, employers have started demanding ‘unpaid’ over-time – again, threatening to sack any workers refusing to comply. In the accounts – the management enters this as ‘voluntary’ activity on the part of the worker – falsely implying that it is the worker who has insisted that they work for ‘nothing’. I pointed-out that all the managers have proper employment conditions with contracts, rights and a substantial salary – no manager in their right mind would work for ‘nothing’ – so why should workers? Even in Victorian times – when the industrial revolution was in full-swing – and even taking into account the generally hideous conditions and long hours and low pay that workers were forced to endure – I have yet to find an example of workers toiling for absolutely ‘nothing’. Of course, working for ‘nothing’ is the definition of ‘slavery’. The British government and bourgeois establishment are getting away with this because the Labour Party is riddled with riightwingers and Trotskyites that do not care about the working class – with a Socialistic minority view expressed by Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters. Labour Party Socialism is not Marxist-Leninism, or the insistence upon a ‘Socialist’ Revolution – far from it – the Labour Party simply seeks to make things appear ‘fairer’ within a society that remains ‘capitalist’. The problem with this is that as soon as the Tories or LibDems get into power – they immediately remove all the safe-guards and direct the UK back toward a predatory free market economy (in line with the brutal and uncaring US system). Finally, the New Labour Party was a hideous incarnation of Labour-inspired ‘anti-worker’ policy – and a sure sign that as a political movement, (and regardless of an occasional charismatic leader), it cannot be trusted by the workers to represent their own best interests. At the moment, many people within the Labour Party want to either stay in the rightwing and fascistic EU – or at least remain in the Single Market upon Brexit (which amounts to the same thing). The Labour Party should abandon its Blairite and Trotskyite tendencies and develop a true Marxist-Leninist and working class consciousness.

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