Appreciating Revolutionary Beauty

Artist: Su Zihan (苏梓寒) – 

To my mind, commenting on ‘beauty’ (wherever it manifests) is a Revolutionary act that breaks-up the control of racism through society and the world. A woman (or man for that matter), may be ‘beautiful’ in many ways, but this acknowledgement does not necessarily mean that there should be an element of ‘possession; involved. For me, beauty exists for beauty’s sake – free and freeing – for everyone to benefit from. Of course, I am talking not just about physical beauty (which is a matter of opinion anyway), but also about inner beauty – or perhaps the beauty associated with pure ‘ordinariness’. At the sametime I am certainly not denying the beauty of the female form – but would add that the net allows for a kind of ‘art gallery’ appreciation of another’s manifestation. Generally speaking, when you leave an art gallery – you generally do not take the exhibits home with you! The natural ‘distance’ the net creates prevents an appreciation of beauty falling into ordinary lust and desire – which are absolutely fine within their proper context. Beauty has many levels of appreciation that can be obscured by the immediacy of sexual desire – which necessarily exists to perpetuate the species!

Photograph Extracted From:

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