Complaining About the Dangerous Falun Gong Cult in London’s Chinatown


Dear Mr Sadiq Khan – Mayor of London

I would be very grateful if your Office could instruct the City of Westminster Police to investigate the presence and activities of the out-lawed group entitled the ‘Falun Gong’ which is allowed a continuous presence in London’s Gerrard Street – also known as Chinatown. This group has been acknowledged as a dangerous cult by many Human Rights groups in the West, and due to its dangerous and life-threatening activities, has been banned in Mainland China for a number of years. The leaders of this group now operate out of the United States, and their many branches – such as the one operated out of London’s China – not only ensnare vulnerable individuals and take their money, possessions, health and freedom of thought, the Falun Gong also continuously calls for the downfall and destruction of the sovereign, legal and lawful government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) – a policy that is illegal under both UK and International Law. The Falun Gong erect large billboards in both the Chinese and English languages that spread lies and disinformation about the PRC – usually to the right of the two famous stone lions (around halfway down Gerrard Street), broadcast anti-PRC propaganda through loud-hailers and speakers, and have operatives that continuously stop and harass tourists, shoppers and passers-by as they try to go peacefully about their business. Many of the photo-shopped images are not suitable for children, and the brain-washing and violence the Falun Gong both represents and advocates is not suitable for a peaceful, democratic society like the UK. Of course, the Falun Gong does not only operate in Gerrard Street, and can be seen in other areas of London that attract a high volume of tourists. None of the false accusations aimed at the PRC by the Falun Gong have any basis in reality – a point proven by the fact that none have ever been substantiated in a court of law anywhere in the world. Finally, if the Falun Gong was an Islamic group calling for the destruction of the sovereign governments of the UK or USA – I am sure that Authorities of both countries would take swift and decisive action. This is why I (and many others) are calling for either a complete ‘ban’ of the Falun Gong and its divisive cult-like propaganda – or at the very least, a firm curtailing its destructive activities in the UK.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Yours sincerely


Adrian Chan-Wyles

This is a link to the Chinese-language translation of my above letter – which has been translated into Chinese and published by the Chinese government across Mainland China:


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