The Grenfell White-Wash Begins! (15.8.2017)


The Tory Prime Minister – Theresa May – whose government is kept in power by the Christian-terrorist group the ‘Democratic Unionist Party’ (DUP), has finally ordered the judge incharge of the Public Enquiry – that he WILL NOT be looking into the broader issues surrounding the government’s housing policy. The judge – Sir Martin James Moore-Bick – not only acquiesced to this order without a fight – he positively endorsed it! This is a man who in the past gave the judicial ‘green light’ to Westminster City Council to start cleansing its borough of its poorest tenants – a ruling that set a precedent throughout the UK, and the initiation of a policy of intense persecution of poor people by the Local Authorities (in both Labour and Conservative boroughs), designed through the cutting of benefits, social and medical services, and legal representation, to clear the old Council Housing Estates and sell-off the land to private developers. These developers then build top-notch housing only for the mega-rich and in so doing, ostracise the British Working Class – treating them as if a) they do not exist, and b) if they do exist – they are considered worthless! So prolific (and lucrative) has this ‘social cleansing’ policy become, that not even Jeremy Corbyn – the so-called ‘People’s Prime Minister’ – will publically address this issue, with his Labour apologists refusing to acknowledge that many of the worst offenders in London have been Local Labour Councils.

Of course, this judge does not want his past to be brought-up as it would discredit his entire over-seeing of this judicial process (as well as reveal his Tory sympathies), but a broader enquiry would also reveal New Labour’s complicity in ‘social cleansing’ under Blair and Brown, a process accelerated and intensified by the 2010 Tory and LibDem Coalition government – and Theresa May’s continuation of this rightwing attack on Britain’s poor. This enquiry will omit the entire socio-economic background that led to Grenfell – and in so doing reduce this terrible Working Class tragedy to simply be viewed as ‘isolated’ and ‘unfortunate’ one-off event disconnected from national government policy!



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