Dishonest London Mayor Sadiq Khan (15.8.2017)


Like millions of Londoners, I fully welcomed the election of Sadiq Khan as London Mayor – even though I had reservations about his pro-Zionist attitudes – and voted for George Galloway (the ardent anti-Zionist).  However, I recently emailed the London Mayor – Sadiq Khan’s Office – asking him to reduce the cost of Travelcards to help the ordinary people in London. As London Mayor – he has the power to do this. Ken Livingston – the former (and perhaps ‘greatest’) London Mayor did an oil deal with Socialist Venezuela and immediately cut public transport costs across London. This deal was immediately abolished by the worst Mayor London has ever had – the Tory Boris Johnson – and since that time prices have continued to rise in London dramatically and far ahead of inflation. Sadiq Khan is a Blairite – which means he is a Tory in the Labour Party. His handling of my enquiry – in my opinion – has been dishonest. Instead of admitting that he supports big business and rising transport costs – he deceitfully sent me a standard email reply stating that my enquiry has been passed-on to Transport for London (TFL). What’s wrong with this – I hear you ask? Sadiq Khan controls TFL and has the power to ‘set’ London transport costs. To date I have not received any reply from TFL.

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