Salute to the Soviet Red Army in Afghanistan (1979-1989)


Artwork from the Soviet incursion (and attempted) Liberation of Afghanistan (1979-1989). Soviet Red Army troops hold a high-point from the Western-backed Mujhahideen – the fore-runner of Al Qaeda and the Taliban (co-ordinated by CIA Operative Osama Bin Laden) and laughingly eulogised in the Hollywood movie ‘Rambo III’. When Soviet Forces left Afghanistan due to Western pressure in 1989 – Osama Bin Laden declared war on the USA and its presence in the Middle East. What complex webs we weave! Prior to this, Soviet (i.e. Russian) accounts of this War of Liberation describe how captured Red Army soldiers were routinely ‘brutalised’ by the Mujhahideen before being viciously ‘behead’ – usually through the use of a rusty knife cutting slowly through the throat toward the spine – an act designed to pro-long the dying experience, and create as much pain as possible. Captured Mujhahideen stated that ‘American’ Advisers had taught them this method – (falsely) stating that it was inaccordance with the Holy Qur’an. Mujhahideen who refused to use this method were often shot-dead in public by these Americans as a punishment for disobeying the will of the US. On occasion, the CIA demanded that small groups of Red Army prisoners be ‘shot’ in the back of the head by their Mujhahideen captors in public – with these murders being ‘filmed’ to be shown in the US – these films still exist showing young Soviet men literally begging and crying for their lives before being killed (usually by the ‘elder’ and more ‘senior’ Mujhahideen Officers). The Soviet Red Army had entered Afghanistan at the behest of a fledgling Socialist government that had – through popular support – thrown off feudalistic tribalism and had started to try and build a ‘new’ society in the area. Do not forget the Soviet Red Army sacrifice in Afghanistan – or the brave ‘Socialist’ Afghanis that were systematically ‘murdered’ by the CIA.

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